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  1. Just switched up to VW2021and suddenly my data tags for landscape areas no longer show the areas with the definition as defined above. ...#AREA#.#AREA## sq ft_0_1#


    Any idea what's changed?  


    Was hoping the default area parameter would have been fixed so it didn't show areas with 7 decimals places.

  2. Thanks rDesign. I used the framing member tool instead of the symbol option to make my log and then followed the above.  I was not able to use the window itself to subtract solids with for some reason.  I had to make a cutout sized to the window and use that. Also was not able to group a stack of logs and use the subtract solids tool.  Wondering if either of these things is a glitch in my system or a flaw in my steps.  Either way, I did get something to work though more time consuming than I'd hoped for.  

  3. Thank you for your reply.  Unfortunately, I only have Landmark and I don't have the framing tool so will be looking for a work around. Was hoping to be able to clip the windows and doors through a log symbol but that doesn't seem to work. Also tried creating the logs with the wall projection tool but that won't allow me to extend the logs the full length of the walls and beyond.

  4. I have my site model set to 3D display "proposed only" and 3D style "3D mesh".  The mesh lines show up and disrupt/distort my hardscape and landscape areas when I set up viewport images.  Is there a setting to turn off to these triangulation lines ? Or do I have something else set wrong?


    Thanks in advance.

    Site model mesh lines.png

  5. I am adding to this discussion with similar issue that relates to plant symbol line work.  I am wondering if anyone might be able to tell me why some of my plant symbol elements are not aligned when using anything but the 'no outline' option.  I asked tech support about this a long time ago and never rec'd a useful answer or fix.  Would love to find an easy remedy so I don't have to remake a bunch of symbols in my library.  You can see how the line image (sketch outline) is offset from the symbol on the left.  When I edit the symbol and copy the background fill (for example), if I 'paste in place', it offsets it, instead of placing it right on top of the copy selection.  Anyone know why this would be occurring?  Thanks in advance

    sample plant symbols.png

  6. Thank you for your input.  I would appreciate more specifics.  The area code (#area#) under object function and parameter functions appears the same.  Could you provide more specifics.  Here is the default tag field information:


  7. It’s been a long time but the problem remains the same. When I use data tags for landscape areas, I can’t seem to figure out how to make it limit the square footage to whole numbers.  I can’t imagine anyone would want the decimal places out six places as the is seemingly the default. The problem does not occur when using data tags with hardscapes.  Tech support says it's a bug but has yet to provide a fix or workaround.  Anyone else running into this issue or have a fix for it?  See below image. Thanks


  8. Just curious how others deal with showing borders on portions of hardscapes.  For example, where it meets a planting bed along one side but not where it abutts a building wall along the same side.  So in the attached image, I want borders  along the curved areas but not the straight areas where the pavers abutt walls and buildings. I see that you can do borders on 'start', 'end', 'left' and 'right' but often that doesn't provide you enough adjustments. I know you can ungroup a hardscape and leave border edges but it seems a waste of time and it also messes up the area and perimeter calculations if you have to segment everything apart. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

    hardscape sample.png

  9. Really?  Others from VW tech-support have suggested my graphic card is too outdated for VW 2019.  Haven't attempted installing 2019 based on that and others comments here in the forum.

  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for  mid-range laptop to run VW 2019? Many people suggest gaming laptops but they are so ugly.  MSI Creator might be tolerable but seems pricey.  Has anyone tried out the Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop? I use a lot of MS programs including MS Access so likely to stick to PCs. Also like having a large screen and number pad.


    I currently have an XI PowerGo laptop that is about 6 years old with a nvidia 650 graphics card, 8GB RAM, 750GB 7200 RPM SATAII-300MB/s and Intel® Core™ i7 3740QM 2.7/3.7GHz-1C Turbo Boost- 6MB Cache Quad-Core/8 Threads 3rd Gen. 22nm. Running Windows 10 Pro (Also not a very attractive system in my opinion.)


    Thanks in advance for any input.


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