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  1. @zoomer Yeah no i've done that, if you're talking about the classes options within doors and windows settings - but they're still controlled by sills...
  2. using VW18, and currently using the window and door tool. I've seen that loads of people have had this issue but I still can't find an answer... Can you change the Sills class on both windows and doors to something else? Whenever I want to use my own class for doors, to turn on/off. I'm not the only person that uses this drawing and others might be scratching their head when trying to figure this out, so really want to just get it working so Doors and windows are on different classes - none of this sills stuff! If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Saw that there was some auto-classing/standard naming settings but I can't find this in 2018? URGENT HELP PLEASE!
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