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  1. As a test I created a WorldBased and a PageBased Symbol next to each other. When the Design-Layerscale is changed the size relations of the two symbols change as expected. (At some scale Smybol A is bigger at another Symbol B is bigger.) But when this syms are both in the viewport and I changed the Viewport layerscale the whole scene simply gets bigger or smaller and the relations stays the same. So in this case the PageBasedSym is not behaving different. Maybe you meant something else.
  2. But absolute Symbols seem also not to care about ViewPorts. So maybe it will behave the same with the ObjectFlag. Have you tried: vs.SetObjectVariableBoolean(h, index, status)
  3. Hi avictorgm, I would recommend the python functions for file stuff: with open ("file.txt", 'w') as file: file.writeline ("xxx");
  4. If you want to Draw the object in absolut scale (always the same size on the print) you simply need to consider the layer scale: mmVW = absoluteMM * layerScale; To convert the Millimeters in the drawing unit you can use: VS:GetUnits fractionLONGINTApproximate WorldCoords per drawing unit. Use GetPrefReal(150) instead.
  5. Hi, first build a resource list with "BuildResourceList" then fill the values into an ImagePopUpResource: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:InsertImagePopupResource
  6. Hi, I can't tell you exactly how it is done in vs code. But normaly you add the folder which contain the vs.py to the search paths. Then just for intellisense you have to make an import at the files where you want to use vs functions: import vs Or alternatively you can just put the vs.py next to your script.py but the first way is definetely better.
  7. Hi Giovanni, normaly you don't need to declare any file that should go into the vsm. When I remember correct theres also a folder tag that you can use <Folder>MyPythonPackage</Folder>. I never tried to include an external lib into a vsm but you could look for the lib as usual package with py files and include these instead.
  8. Hello, I did many approches to set the text-colour of a static text but nothing happens. How is it done? VWStaticTextCtrl* statusTxContrl = GetStaticTextCtrlByID(klbCurrState); ... // color.SetColor(color.GetRed() ); color.SetColor(10, 5, 0, 100); ... //color.SetBackgroundColor(); //color.SetFrontColor(); statusTxContrl->SetControlText (statusString); statusTxContrl->SetColor(color, false);
  9. Version 1.1.0


    This Marionette-Wrapper explodes a group around the origin by a given factor.
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