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  1. Afternoon to you, I now have logs from a client on this network exhibiting issues. To link things togeather, i also asked the same quiestion here > and we have a support case open with vector works support "support case: 00038553, RE: VWX files read only on SMB2 (having to run SMB1) " I will PM you these logs shortly and al submit to vector works
  2. Hi there, We have moved from MAC server to Windows 2016 server Client machines are all MAC OS 10.12 or higher. Issue (only wirh vector works files) when we open a project it pops up readonly Even if we "save as" into the network share with a new file name, when opened again its readonly Other file types in the same folders (iee docx, xlsx & txt) open & edit fine (so its not a permissions thing) I have read this below, we are runnin glatest OS and SMB3 but still get the issue In the end to fix we disabled SMB2 (via Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableSMB2Protocol $false ) I see this as a temporary fix, would like the improved performance of SMB2 & above Any suggestions please?


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