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  1. Simon Farrow

    Vision 2019 - macOS Nvidia Driver Compatibility

    Has this issue with Nvidia Graphics Cards been fixed yet?
  2. Simon Farrow

    Color Scrollers in Vision

    Thanks! I thought I was going a little bit crazy. I'll sub in LED Source4s instead in the meantime.
  3. Simon Farrow

    Color Scrollers in Vision

    Thanks for the quick reply. I've now figured out adding them as an attachment in Vision, but then there is no further way to configure the scroller with colors, and I seem to lose control of the source 4. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, Are there any color scrollers that work as attachments to Source 4s that work with vision? I can't seem to find any. Cheers, Simon Farrow
  5. Simon Farrow

    DMX Connectivity Articles

    I'm trying to evaluate Vision and cannot seem to be able to get vision to see the output from my ETC EOS console. I've got no problems with the same setup outputing to Capture Atlas, but no joy with Vision. I'm running Vision on a MacBook Pro Retina with a video card. Any advice?


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