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  1. I don't have a problem with student versions having the watermark. The problem I have is that when I copy anything... a symbol, a section of a drawing... anything... from a watermarked file... I end up with the watermark for life AND... I can longer Export to PDF without this non-password password problem. And printing to PDF works only if you have days to wait for it to work. I light many shows when the set designer is an academic... it's a problem for me!
  2. I have encountered the problem when I've imported a symbol (or anything for that matter!) from another designer's VW document that was a student version (sticking my subsequent files with that watermark even though I paid full fair!)... the export won't work because it creates a password protected PDF for which there actually isn't a password. So print to PDF is the only option and it takes forever! Ugh...
  3. If you haven't sold it, please let me know. jrowlings@pmd-sf.com Thanks.
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