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    some textures

    Hey Dave Any news about the hosting space? yovav
  2. Hello BaRa As far as I know VW uses the GFX card just to accelerate OpenGL tasks, so the big time consumer (RenderWorks) won't be faster anyway. Yovav
  3. bc Try to bypass it by changing the texture scale, instead of changing the scale with the "mapping" button: go to the resource browser, right click on the texture, choose edit, and in "size" box enter the desired value. Yovav
  4. The Cantor Get into the new forum from the discusion area by clickin "Texture Share" (close to the buttom of the page Yovav
  5. Yovav

    some textures

    Thanks Dave I think storing them over NNA server will be the best and natural way for this board Yovav [ 02-28-2004, 03:44 AM: Message edited by: Yovav ]
  6. Yovav

    some textures

    hello all Hope this time it will work (plz. post replay - can you see the pic and dl the file?) the pic: The link belew is to a VW file containing the folowing textures from the pic above: 1. The light wood deck 2. The water 3. The Windows glass 4. The stainless steel (from the pergula) 5. The green transpernt leavs 6. The small wood flakes (at the right lower corner of the pic) http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/403da0f6_ed52/bc/My+Documents/texture+pack+1.rar. rar?bf8UaPABR8epM8zC [ 02-26-2004, 03:04 AM: Message edited by: Yovav ]
  7. Yovav

    some textures

    Hello propstuff I know about vectordepot. I opened the group just to store the pic and the file, hoping to link them from the yahoo group to here, but it failed. can you recomend a place where I can store files and link them to this board? yovav
  8. Yovav

    some textures

    Hello Dave I believe the problems are with my link, not your browser. I've linked both the image and the file to a new yahoo group I've started for that purpose. If you can't see the image and get the file, I think that you'll have to go directly to that group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vw_r and join. After joining click "files", and click the "textures" folder icon. Click "texture pack 1 pic.jpg" to view the picture, or "texture pack 1.rar" to dl the VW file. And 2 final questions: 1. For future easy posting, can you recommend a free of charge site that let you store images and files, and link them properly? 2. Can Nemetsheck give us some free space on the server that runs this board? Won't it be a much more simple and effective for that special forum? Yovav
  9. Yovav

    some textures

    Hello all The link belew is to a VW file containing the folowing textures from the pic above: 1. The light wood deck 2. The water 3. The Windows glass 4. The stainless steel (from the pergula) 5. The green transpernt leavs 6. The small wood flakes (at the right lower corner of the pic) http://f2.grp.yahoofs.com/v 1/AHU7QG0KcO5UdEdBuS4DYengDl6Yhao5KZgBtedPHlVG3q3bwSZJdLXGYs3LH_89lQms_oZF0mglAX_m8gijAw/textures/texture%20pack%201.rar enjoy Yovav [ 02-24-2004, 12:00 PM: Message edited by: Yovav ]
  10. markf Thanks for the fast replay, and more important - the act! I'm runnig to the new forum for my first 2 cents Yovav
  11. Will it be possible to open a new forum on this board that will let users upload finished RW textures that they created, and share them with other users? I think it will improve greatly the range of "ready to use" textures in RW. It will also simplify discussions like http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=17;t=000418 ? instead of trying to instruct which slider to move to what point, the users that managed already to produce the desired texture, could attach it to the topic. What do you say? Yovav
  12. Yovav

    Call Out Tool

    If the Callout tool is mentioned I would like to suggest an interface improvement, regarding this useful tool: Double clicking on a callout object, with the 2D selection tool, should let us edit the text, exactly as double clicking on text object do. One of the best VW 10.x interface improvement was the double click with 2D selection tool to edit objects, I think it is just natural to implement that behavior on the Callout tool.
  13. Metalist, maybe skydome can improve some current renderings but I don't think it is a true solution. Rendering is not only about quality, speed is a crucial factor. I tried using the sky dome in the past, it really gives neat effects but the time loss is huge. Much better solution is improving the rendering engine. RenderWorks Improved dramatically over the last years but still have way to go. I'm not a programmer but to my understanding, based on the information provided by Lightwork site (the guys who develop the rendering engine that RW uses), an improvement in the rendering quality is easy to implement. Since their technology is scalable and modular, we can get better results if Nemetschek will add the relevant Lightwork elements to RW. Of course the trade of will be higher price for RenderWorks. I think that the most important question is "where to stop?". What kind of rendering quality most of RW users need, and willing to pay for. My view is - "give us radiosity, and finish the dilemma - to export on not export". But it would be interesting to hear what other users think. Two relevant links to this subject are: the discussion in this board titled "Altivec for lightwork"http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=17;t=000316. And the lightwork site, that shows some beautiful examples of Lightwork engine capabilities: http://www.lightwork.com/lw_home.htm
  14. Petri Thanks for your help I'll try to find it and send it. Bye Yovav
  15. Dear Petri, you are correct. A script for changing the ASCII codes seems to be a trivial solution, and I think that the local distributor should do it. Unfortunately he doesn't think so. In the past (8.x days) there was such a script and it worked pretty fine. During the years, and the upgrades, the script stopped working, and the guy who developed it doesn't deal with VW any more. Since I know nothing about programming and scripting and can't write this script myself, I'm trying to get another solution. I believe that users of non-regular languages, like Japanese, have the same problems and I'm sure they got some solution for the problem. I also suspect that OpenDWG libraries, that VW uses for translating DWG information, should take care of that situation "globally". I hope that some one from Nemetschek will give us his perspective of the situation and the solution.
  16. Thanks for your replay, but it won't help. The problem is not with the missing fonts. If I'm writing in Autocad with a font I got on my computer, the file is opening without the "map fonts" option in the translation process, and the Gibberish is popping into the screen. It seems like the character map that Autocad uses in Hebrew is totally different from the one that VectorWorks, and other windows software, are using. I believe that OpenDWG, which as much as I know is used by VW, should take care of that problem, but I don't see any clue to that in real life. Katie, maybe I can get your response to this subject?
  17. and again - Hebrew text import/export? solutions? answear? something?
  18. I'm trying again - any solution ???
  19. The Export of Hebrew text, as far as I know, is impossible. When opening a DWG exported by VW in Autocad the Hebrew text is shown, but as a complete gibberish. Importing file that contains Hebrew Text from Autocad give the same results - gibberish text. Is there a solution to this problem
  20. and again: What about the Hebrew fonts issue?
  21. Hello Katie What about the Hebrew fonts issue?
  22. Me too. The Export of Hebrew text, as far as I know, is impossible. When opening a DWG exported by VW in Autocad the Hebrew text is shown, but as a complete gibberish.
  23. My 2 cents: The print shop I'm working with uses LAMDA printing device, which gives the best photo quality prints I've seen. The operator of the LAMDA told me that going over 150 DPI is not necessary. Since getting that tip I'm printing in 150 and getting excellent results, and my Pentium keeps in room temperature :-) The operator also told me that she ask the same 150 DPI from Photoshop, freehand etc. users as well. I don't know if this tip is relevant to other printing devices, but if not try using LAMDA it is not expensive and the results are amazing.
  24. Dave, I'm following Kirsten. One of the most useful tips I collected over here. There is No "tip of the week" award in this board, but if such award exists you should get the "tip of the month", for this one. Thanks
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