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  1. Jim W - I am just licensed for Fundamentals. Sigh. I will look into Architect. Kevin Allen - Is dd mean "drag & drop"? I am not sure what you mean. I see the Import command in my workspace just not an option to import PDFs specifically. Based on Jim W's response it sounds as if that feature isn't part of the functionality I have with my current VW licensed feature set. TKA - Tried your suggestion but I still get that error message about PDFs I mentioned earlier. Thanks for the responses. Seems the fix at this point is to convert to another image format and import that way.
  2. I saved out the PDF as a Tiff and imported that way. It worked though I have to make sure the scale is true. Thanks for your help though I would love to know what module I need to make the import PDF functionality work.
  3. michaelk & JimW. I am in the Fundamentals workspace. I also tried dragging the .pdf into the layer and I get the following error message, " Files import via drag and drop is not supported i VW Fundamentals. Use the File>Import command to import the file." This seems to gibe with the comment left by JimW. As to what modules I have....I am not sure. Thanks both of you for replying BTW.
  4. I am using Vectorworks 2016 SP6 on an IMac. I would like to import some structural drawings supplied by the engineer as PDF files. I just want to import them onto their own layer in my overall construction document file. I googled how to do this for VW 2016 and got instructions to go File>Import>Import PDF etc. The problem is there is no "Import PDF" option from those menus. There are options to Import dxfs/dwgs, image files, etc. I have tried to import it as an image file to no avail. Any suggestions? Oh, I am running Acrobat 8 Professional as well in case that matters for plug-ins.


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