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  1. Hi all, Just returning to the above issue. I am still encountering an issue where once the door tool is selected and dropped with one click into the drawing - Vectorworks adds a new database row (ODBC) for that door - thats all fine. However the door tool requires a second click to flip the door's location which results in a second row being added to the database.....not helpful. Has anyone a workaround for this or any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Anyone any thoughts on the above?
  3. Right update time - I have been playing with the Door Tool and have established a connection between its Record Format and the database using "Record Format Connection" as per Joshua's earlier suggestion. I can add or delete doors which get added to or removed from the database when I select the required checkboxes in "Connection Options" and have mapped any of the required fields to corresponding database records and that all seems great. However....a few things: 1. When I have both check boxes ticked in "Connection Options" Vectorworks tells me that it will add a row to the database when I drop a new door into the drawing - thats all great. However the Door Tool requires two clicks to drop the door and determine its position and swing - so Vectorworks thinks you have now dropped a second door which adds two doors for the price of one into the database - not helpful. 2. When a door is dropped into a drawing then dragged into a wall - Vectorworks thinks you are deleting the door and a database row is subsequently removed from the database - again not helpful. 3. If I wish to create a database connection to a drawing with doors already set up and installed in walls - I do not see how I can populate a database based on the information already in the drawing (obviously I map the records I want to link to the database etc.) - but I cannot see where the current data exists - I would then like this data to link to the database and delete rows if I choose to delete doors etc.. - is this possible?? I'm probably not explaining very well. All of this was tested using a very basic file with a square plan wall tool and dropping a few doors into the drawing. Any assistance on this would be great - we have a number of projects that would greatly benefit from this functionality and drawings that are already populated with doors generated by the Door Tool PIO - it would take far too long to delete each door and connect each one to the database. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Joshua, Many thanks for your response. I see what you mean. Seems I will need to dabble a bit with these options to get it working for me. I have worksheets and doors set up on a file already - so I'm guessing I'll need to map each database column to the record format field as usual - hopefully I won't need to start afresh and re-insert all doors. Many thanks for your help. I'll post again once I figure it out.
  5. Hi Joshua, Many thanks for your response - and yes I appreciate that the Door record can be accessed via the "Create Report" drop down. And this is fine if you want to generate a worksheet with the relevant data. What I am seeking is an option where I can pair each data field to a corresponding data column in a database (as I used to be able to do when generating my own record formats - see screenshot attached) - it seems this connectivity is no longer possible when the PIO has a record format that is no longer accessible through the resource browser. Perhaps I am missing something with the worksheet commands (i.e. linking worksheet cells dynamically to an external database through ODBC - but I have no clue how this can be done). Any thoughts?
  6. Hi guys & gals, I would like to "reveal" the hidden record format associated with the Door Tool - so I can then connect the record format to a PageMaker database via ODBC (which in turn is connected to an Excel file that others on my network can access as it is dynamically updated by the file Im working on). While I appreciate that the schedules can be generated within Vectorworks on worksheets, I want these to dynamically update the remote database (instead of copying to/from the worksheet overtime I make a change). I have tried to find solutions here on the forum but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. I have not much experience with Vectorscript of Python (but suspect the answer lies there somewhere). I did read that exporting the file as a script enables you to see how the door object is created (along with hidden record format parameters) and named within the resultant code (refer to screenshot attached) - but this is not much use to me. Any suggestions?


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