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    Revealing hidden Record Formats

    Hi Joshua, Many thanks for your response - and yes I appreciate that the Door record can be accessed via the "Create Report" drop down. And this is fine if you want to generate a worksheet with the relevant data. What I am seeking is an option where I can pair each data field to a corresponding data column in a database (as I used to be able to do when generating my own record formats - see screenshot attached) - it seems this connectivity is no longer possible when the PIO has a record format that is no longer accessible through the resource browser. Perhaps I am missing something with the worksheet commands (i.e. linking worksheet cells dynamically to an external database through ODBC - but I have no clue how this can be done). Any thoughts?
  2. Hi guys & gals, I would like to "reveal" the hidden record format associated with the Door Tool - so I can then connect the record format to a PageMaker database via ODBC (which in turn is connected to an Excel file that others on my network can access as it is dynamically updated by the file Im working on). While I appreciate that the schedules can be generated within Vectorworks on worksheets, I want these to dynamically update the remote database (instead of copying to/from the worksheet overtime I make a change). I have tried to find solutions here on the forum but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. I have not much experience with Vectorscript of Python (but suspect the answer lies there somewhere). I did read that exporting the file as a script enables you to see how the door object is created (along with hidden record format parameters) and named within the resultant code (refer to screenshot attached) - but this is not much use to me. Any suggestions?