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    Label legend symbol problem VW2019 SP1

    Hey @markdd , @Oliver Hauser I looked at your files and the issue will be fixed in SP2. Thanks for the feedback. Betina
  2. bmerdzhanova

    Label legend symbol problem VW2019 SP1

    Can you please send me a file or explain in more detail how you got this issue?
  3. bmerdzhanova

    Label Legend text flipping

    You can fix the swapping problem by grouping the labels together in the symbol definition (Edit 2D Layout). They will be moved by a single control point. The text separator ("-" in the current example) which you used can be added to the group of labels. To avoid overlapping text, set the Horiz. Align/Vert. Align to adjust the label insertion point of the labels. I think that the problem with the labels which are on the wrong side of the Lighting Device is caused by the Flip Front && Back 2D Legend checkbox from the OIP. If this is checked it is normal for them to be on the opposite side. Can you please send me the file so I can give it a look and give you more detailed information?


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