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  1. I am interrested in the 3rd level of detail here. Will this be implemented in all the architecture tools? So i can define three sets of attributes for one wall/window/door/etc. Example: Wall with different components. Low - set to show the wall as one solid color Medium - set to show the different components as different colors (maybe even hide one or two thin ones) High - set to show all components with detailed hatches.
  2. Text orientation like that, yes. But you can see the problem there. My window is always 100/120, but it sometimes reads as 120/100 and sometimes as 100/120.
  3. The text is part of the window. The screenshot contains just 4 walls 4 windows and a viewport with rotation. All i did was to enable the label (width/height) of the windows.
  4. i didn't know there was a setting for it in the viewport itself. Thanks for the hint. I've tested all 4 combinations, and i don't get the result I want on any of them. When i check the "Adjust Flippted Text" option in the Document Preferences, it is correct in my drawing, but not in my layout (Viewport, rotated by 90°). First image the drawing without rotation (how it should be). Second image Viewport with "Adjust Flipped Text" on. Third image Viewport wirth "Adjust Flipped Text" off.
  5. Hello, is it possible to rotate a viewport, that also rotates texts and labels (independent of "readability"?) Imagine that i have 4 walls. In those walls i have windows/doors. Attached to those windows/doors there is a label with the text "100 / 120" (width / height). When i try to create a viewport and rotate that viewport, vectorworks tries to adjust the text. At a certain angle "100 / 120" becomes "120 / 100" because vectorworks rotates the text by 180 degrees. Can I just create a viewport that does not try to change the text in that way? I want the text to basically be upside down, but still "correct" in terms of width first height second. The "Adjust Flipped Text" option on or off doesn't do anything. thanks Vectorworks 2018 SP3, MacOS 10.11.6


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