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  1. Thanks for your reply. Where can I find Windoor in VW2022?
  2. I know this feature has been asked for since the year dot. In the UK it is most common for external bifold doors to have one leaf opening on one side, and all other leaves folding back towards the other side, or for all leaves to fold back on one side. Within the bifold door object info palette we need to be able to change the number of leaves to an odd or even number and to change the number of leaves on each side of the door opening.
  3. North Arrow can't be selected in the tool set palette in VW2022. MacOS 10.14.5. Does anyone else have this problem?
  4. I am trying to freehand sketch comments on pdf files using Nomad and an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, but find the app very slow to respond in freehand mode. Is anyone else experiencing this? I tend instead to export from dropbox to Morpholio Trace, but then marked up pdfs have to be exported back to dropbox.
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