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  1. just curious. when is the release date of spotlight 10? and if i recently bought 9.5, will i have to purchase the upgrade?
  2. i haven't upgraded yet, but will as soon as spotlight 10 is out. i have heard the 10 requires a dongle. is this true and if it is, is it an extra cost or part of the upgrade?
  3. I have a 8.5 plot (non spotlight) that I need to open on 9.5 (spotlight). Also its coming from a mac and I'm on pc. I added the .mcd but it still wont open the file. Any suggestions?
  4. I am very new to this program (I just got it a week ago)and I am wondering if it is possible to take files from one platform to the other. If so are there any little tricks that I need to know.
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