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  1. Katie - Yes, I did. Even from the Recycle Bin.
  2. Nothing happens, you don't get an hourglass, no splash screen, and nothing is logged in the event log as to show a problem. It would be as if you never clicked on it. Even right clicking on the file and selecting OPEN does nothing. However, other applications work fine like Word, Excel, Power Point, and so forth. It is shown in Add/Remove programs, and we've tried to remove it a few times from there and its removed, but when we reinstall it the same problems happen. I even took it to the step of uninstalling and then deleting all references in the registry to C:\Program Files\Vectorworks *, and Nemacheck if any found. It is as a file is missing or something that is required for the launch of the program. Do you know all the DLL files and OCX files are required to launch the application so I might make sure they are installed on the computer and properly registered in the registry. Michael
  3. Yep the user is logged on as an administrator with unbounded permissions to the computer to install applications at will. I've tried to open the viewer from the start menu, and by going into the Vectorworks folder and opening the viewer directly that way. The test computer I was talking about in the above thread was another win2k pro box will all the same drivers and software, and the registry keys were not created on that machine either but the viewer worked fine. [ 02-05-2004, 12:03 PM: Message edited by: mtcronin ]
  4. Good morning Katie - thank you for your quick reply. I've gone through the registry like you described and none of these keys are present. I did how ever make a mistake in my last post where the system I am working on is Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 with all updates applied. The other specs I show in the last past are still the same though. I installed the viewer on another win2k pro box and it worked fine, but those registry keys are also not on that box as well. Michael
  5. Hi everyone - I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem before. We have a Windows XP Professional with service pack 1 installed on a system that we've installed Vectorworks Viewer 10.5.1 and it will not open the viewer. The system does not generate any error messages in the system log, nor does it open the program or even give you the hourglass like it would be trying to open the program. We've tried to uninstall, and reinstall the application after a fresh download was gotten off the website, and still it does the same thing. The computer opens all other applications fine, but when you go to open the viewer it just won't open the program. We've tried to right click on the viewer and select open, as well as double-clicking on the EXE and still it will not open. Any help would be appreciated. About the system: P4 - 512 RAM - 2.4 Ghz - WinXP Pro SP1 & all Windows updates have been applied - 80-gig hard drive Michael [ 02-05-2004, 07:58 AM: Message edited by: mtcronin ]
  6. Katie, and to whom ever wants to read this, While I understand that software piracy is a major issue in the world today, I also understand that the businesses such as my own just want a product that will work and work correctly without of these problems. When we need to call technical support all the time because of things like this it not only cuts into our production time, but we loss money as a business. On a number of occasions we have talked with technical support a number of times about similar issues, and they are no help. For one, they do the same troubleshooting steps that we has the users of the software have all ready done and clearly documented those steps on the forums and in other means, but they still come to the same conclusion as we do and don't provide a solution to the problem, but rather just reply, we?ll work on that. If Nemacheck, or NNA cannot keep the programming staff on board that can manage the software package it shouldn?t be in business to start with. There are thousands of out of work programmers out there, so why not hire them and make a more stable package. I?m sure the market place wouldn?t mind paying more for a product providing that it worked and worked out of the box. Half the time, when we call we end up spend one to two hours on the telephone with a support rep, and still don't get any where. As an IT manager, who is responsible for allot of other computers aside from those that run Vectorworks I do not have time to sit on the phone for these lengthy calls because we're suppose to be doing other things. Applications should work out of the box, and shouldn't have problems like these. If a product comes out with an upgrade like version 10.5 did where it locks down on licensing and would cause these types of problems they should warn the end users who will be applying these updates. I've gone over every single computer that has Vectorworks installed on it personally and confirmed that they are all on version 10.5. In addition to all this, it was found that with this upgrade it doesn't save customized pallets and everyone knows upgrades should save users settings where in the past three upgrades it has not saved any such settings, and my users are really getting up set with VW because of this fact. Our company uses customized settings globally for all workstations so they can all work on the same layout and design within Vectorworks. If that keeps being destroyed each time a user upgrades the version we are less likely to want to upgrade when they become available. This also lowers our ROI because VW keeps causing problems and we end up losing and spending more money to try to get around those problems so our users can get their jobs done. Michael T. Cronin 301-229-9380 ext 271
  7. Hello All - After reading though this entire thread, I have concluded that yet again NNA has made a bad design/business choice in its software package?s. In the previous releases of Vectorworks before 10.5 was released the software would search the network for an available license and then claim that license for itself so no other users on the network would have the ability to use it. Now with version 10.5, this feature has been disabled, or it sure doesn?t seem to be working properly. We have all valid licenses for Vectorworks and have now upgraded all our machines to version 10.5, where this licensing issue continues to be a problem even though we have all valid licenses. My original post on this matter was done on 9/24/03, which is above, and the purposed solution was to upgrade all machines to VW 10.5, which we did and it did not solve the problem. In the above posts from what appears to be technicians from VW they say to install only one license per machine, which would be fine if VW didn?t allow us to install multiple licenses in the first place from previous version and version 10.5 is an upgrade to 10.1.2 which worked and allowed multiple licenses with out a problem. Keep in mind that in version 10.0 through 10.1.2 would search the network for an available license, and use it for the application and not let other users try to claim it, and if there were no licenses available, Vectorworks wouldn?t open. While doing some research on this problem I came across another technical support professional that is doing similar things as our company is and I?ve yet to see a solution provided for them either. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=23;t=000055 Over the last years and a half since when 9 came out we?ve heard such things from NNA like do not save or open files to the network server, or plug your printer/plotter in directly to your computer and don?t use it across a network. This would be fine if there was only one or maybe computer in your organization. But since our company and a number of others this really isn?t an option because it would take the TOS for each computer from a average cost of $2,000 to $3,000 dollars per machine to $7,000 to $10,000 dollars per machine for hard disk space and plotters for everyone, not to take into consideration of the space required for all this equipment. When we start calculating these costs, AutoCAD becomes a more valued solution to our architectal design needs because Vectorworks has yet to provide a solution to the standard network setup. I?ve worked with many programmers before, and understand the concept of working under a deadline, and trying to make a solution for its customers but for NNA to come out and say like it has in the above thread that it?s the customers fault for doing business as it has for the years past is totally outrageous, not to mention a bad business practice. If NNA wants to continue making money in the business market it needs to tailor its software to the business consumers needs and wants. Companies work within network environments and most times have much more than two computers being used. With this said NNA should think about its business customers before making choices like the one?s they?ve made here. Vectorworks has taken these steps to destroy its business, and none to move it forward. Microsoft tried the same thing where it tried to force people to upgrade their MCSE?s and MCP certifications by telling thousands of people they would lose their certificates on October 1st of 2000 that they had worked so hard to get. They also did the same thing when they tried to implement software activations under Windows XP, and businesses stood up again and said no, so Microsoft came out with the open license program and enterprise licensing which a large number of organizations use to date and Microsoft is still able to control software piracy and the customer who makes them money (business) remain happy because they don?t have to continue to manage software licensing on a daily basic because you can deploy it to client workstations and it works. The customer is the people and primary backbone to business such as NNA and if it cannot tailor it business practice to its customers needs, then it should not be producing product. Regards, Michael T. Cronin 301-229-9380 ext 271
  8. Dave I don't believe you said that, you?re welcome to come to our office, and install this software and support it on 18 computers. Since we're in the testing phases right now, this is a failure in the testing process. I support 18 client workstations with 15 licenses where we never have more than 10 concurrent users on the system at any given time. Once VW 10.5 opens it should claim the license number so VW 10.0 users shouldn't use the same license. VW should produce a patch for this without having to upgrade to VW 10.5 because for some firms it would take some time to fully upgrade all their machines. We'll be waiting for you at our office to do these upgrades. Or until you're able to provide some type of patch other than upgrade to VW 10.5, which we're not ready to do yet. Michael
  9. I'm working with HJ on this printing issue of the Design Jet 500 printing blocked letters, and saw his last post and thought I should add some more information to it so here goes. We?re working on Windows 2000 Server SP3 network. All workstations that are having this problem have Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 installed with a combination of both Vector Works 9.5.2, and Vector Works 10. We?re running at 10/100 network switches at a full 100 per computer. Each computer has 10/100 3com network cards, or 10/100 Netgear cards installed. All Designers computers are P4s with 512 meg of memory installed with 4 gig hard drives installed. The printer is printing over the HP standard TCP. The plotter has all the updated firmware for the jet direct card is installed. Should there be any additional questions you have regarding our network, printers or what ever let me know. Regards, Michael T. Cronin
  10. When I zoom in and then out to quickly the computer always seems to lock up. Any time other than zooming in our out the computer is fine. Is there something I can do to avoid this from happening, other than not zooming in? ------------------ The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.
  11. Ok here is the exact error message that all the users are getting with this problem. Title: VectorWorks Message: -36 Disk i/o error Options: Ok We run an Ethernet Microsoft NT 4.0 SP6 network with Win98 systems with 384 Megs of memory. The users save their files to a shared folder on the network, which they all have Full Control over. Has only one came across this problem, and if so how did you fix it?? Let me know PLEASE!!.. :-) ------------------ The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.
  12. quote: Originally posted by mtcronin: Hello, I have a few Win98 systems that are running Vector works, and they receive an IO-36 error message when they are trying to save to a network drive. This problem seems to be very selective; it happens 3 out of 6 tries to save the drawings. Has anyone seen this problem before? If so how were you able to remedy it? Thank you in advance. Ok here is the exact error message that all the users are getting with this problem. Title: VectorWorks Message: -36 Disk i/o error Options: Ok Please help this is annoying and is really upsetting all users on Vector works at our office. ------------------ The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.
  13. quote: Originally posted by David T: When Nortan anti virus is used on a machine or network certain situations will occur. When the anti virus looks at Minicad or Vectorworks it will allert users to errors that are not there, among other situations. When you are opening a file that is on a network first copy the file to the machines hard drive and open the file from that machine not over the network. Please consider removing Norton from your network to optimize the capabilities of Vectorworks. This has to be the most lame brain excuse I have even seens. Seeing as Norton and McAffee are the leading Virus defence programs out there, Vector works and all other software for that matter should be designed to work with the program!!! ------------------ The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.
  14. Ok the problem is back, it was not the network after all. I've modified the permissions to meet the needs of this department and now the problem is happening again. It seems to be very selective on when it happens and where it happens. It is normally going on with three computers all located in the same area. I've found more error messages which are io-36 errors. Please inform how this can be corrected? ------------------ The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.


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