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  1. I got this last night too. I have noticed a similar message regarding other .app files that did not seem to be important, but this is the first major piece of software this has appeared for. I went on and it seemed to open OK, but I have not tried to work on anything yet.
  2. Base model iMac pro here, running 2019 SP2 and Mojave, and late model MBP running the same. I am not a heavy lifter, but so far no issues for me that I have found on either setup.
  3. Did the same and d'loaded SP2 and Mojave yesterday. So far so good. I could have sworn I saw a post here somewhere about someone else doing this, yet still getting the spinner when drawing arc lines... That post seems to have been swallowed up by legions of Revit nonsense... I am having no such issues, but time may tell. Running lower spec iMac Pro BTW...
  4. I managed to pick up an 8 core, 3.2 Ghz. radeon pro graphics & 32Gig of RAM for less than 4 k earlier this year. Best Buy were having a 1 day Easter special! Made a big difference to performance from my top of the range MacBook Pro...
  5. Waiting with bated breath here! I always treat Mac OS updates with suspicion, as I think anyone with much experience of them should. As a matter of course I wait and check with forums and colleagues who are also experienced before doing anything this major to my equipment. Luckily I asked my tech manager about Mojave and he advised waiting until VW issues were solved. Expecting VW to send us all emails about potential issues is unrealistic, altho desirable! I never see any NEED to update any OS before it is truly reamed, steamed and dry cleaned... many are finding out the same thing now.
  6. Andy, thank you so much! That was exactly what was going on. I deleted the floor and could then select the bags I needed. Wonderful, thanks again!
  7. When I do that it takes me to this screen that says I have a 3D Polygon. I cannot select the objects in this, and when I pass the cursor over the bags, a black section of mesh is highlighted and the cursor becomes a cross. It does not select anything however. Maybe I should try and find a tutorial about meshes!
  8. Not sure how to "select the mesh" If you mean at the stage pictured, then I follow on with your procedure, but cannot select anything then.
  9. I am a relative newbie to VW and am learning slowly but surely. I am working on a project that involves using sandbags, and I have downloaded a kit from Turbosquid with a bunch of different possibilities on it. I can open the obj file, but cannot figure out how to separate out the pieces I want to work with. Any help much appreciated!
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