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  1. I upgraded to Vectorworks 2021 and the problem has been resolved! Thanks again!
  2. We were already going to upgrade to 2021, so this would not be the reason why, necessarily. I am interested in sending the file to Vectorworks Support. How do I do that?
  3. Thanks for responding! Usually, I get e-mails when people respond to my post, but I didn't get an e-mail for this one, so sorry for the late reply. Yes, I am still in 2019 and I have not updated to Big Sur. I will be updating in the next couple of weeks to the most recent Vectorworks. My current copy is up to date. I have been wondering if the update will fix this problem. My only conundrum is that this issue is currently not happening in my other models. It seems to be unique to this model.
  4. I have built a model that initially showed all textures accurately in the elevation viewport. However, after a few days, the textures do not show up in the viewport. Some walls show up and some don't. Each time I refresh the viewport the material rendering will change or it won't change. Certain walls will render and others won't. Then I'll refresh the viewport, causing other walls to render and the walls with texture will then go blank. I am assigning textures by layer in the components. I have built about 4 models so far and have never had this issue before. Thanks in advance!
  5. Okay, someone solved the issue. There were some wonky settings on the Rendering tab. I didn't think to look at that.
  6. I have created about 3 Vectorworks models, and I am in the process of creating a fourth one. I have created my walls in the same manner as I have always done, but my textures and hatches are not showing up in open GL and in my elevation drawings. I grabbed a wall from an old model and pasted it in my new model. The textures and hatches show up on this wall in my new model. I have analyzed every feature and can't figure out what is different between the walls. I even used the eyedropper to give the characteristics of the old wall to my new model. The textures and hatches still do not show up in the new model. This is so confusing and frustrating! I have attached a picture of my model and the one wall that will render properly in open GL. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I opened my file today and the numbering on each sheet has changed. The numbers now start at around 20 and go up. Also, the interior elevation tag, which auto-coordinates with the interior elevations has the correct numbers. Does anyone know what happened and of there is an easy fix? Thanks!
  8. There is something going on with my computer where my files won't open because they are damaged. It has happened three times in three different files in the past 5 work days. Unfortunately, the backup files have been corrupted as well, so I have had to use the "time machine" on Dropbox to find a good file to use and then redo my work. I can't keep doing this every other day. Can anyone help me understand how my files are getting corrupted in the first place? I would like to get past this. Thanks! P.S. In searching through deleted backup files, I have found that some of them might not be saving properly. The size of the file will drop from around 110 MB to 100 MB. I am not purging or deleting anything, os this doesn't make sense.
  9. I am working on a house that has vertical siding that runs continuously from the first to second floors. I have applied a texture (and hatch) to my model that does not line up when it transitions from one floor to another. I have aligned the texture to the "z" coordinate, which fixes the problem in the design layers (attachment 1), but does not consistently fix the problem in the viewport (attachment 2). How do I get the siding to line up throughout my model? Thanks!
  10. I am having a couple of issues with my interior elevations and I was hoping someone could help. First of all, my interior elevation tag is a bit off. It seems like the marker has skewed so that it is too close to the 2 and the sheet number is off center. My second problem is that there are these lines extending below the interior elevation. I have changed the settings so that the elevation starts at the F.F.E., so how could these lines be extending below that? I can mask it, but it would save me time if I could just fix the problem. Thanks!
  11. Since you are so knowledgeable, Boh, I have a question. Still working on elevation. Is there any way to apply a grey to a model other than in annotations. Specifically, I am trying to change the glazing to grey. My firm likes grey windows. I have been able to apply a texture to the glazing layer which then shows a hatch, but I haven't been able to shade them grey. I have attached an elevation where I changed the window to grey by drawing a black rectangle in annotations and changing the opacity. I have tried changing the class opacity of the glazing class (within the class) but I keep coming out with black windows.
  12. Thank you so much for this! I this has helped tremendously and has helped me improve my rendering skills significantly.
  13. Thanks so much for your suggestion. I figured out the problem when I was working in another file. Somehow, when I import the topography from another file, this happens. All I have to do is turn of the class that the topography is on. The problem goes away.
  14. Actually, it looks like the section cut is transparent.
  15. I have cut sections in a model today where the section cut has rendered transparent. I would like it to render as black. I was just working on another project where the section automatically rendered black. I went back and made sure that all the settings are the same as the original project, but STILL my section cut is transparent. I can't even see it. I have made sure that the class assigned to the section cut has a black fill, just like in the other drawing. When I first cut the section, the roof had a black fill, but when I updated the section, the fill was gone???
  16. Thanks, Boo, for such a detailed response. Hopefully, you'll be patient enough to respond again. I realize that the hatch associated with the class will show only in the plan. I am just a little frustrated that no matter what texture (associated with a hatch) I assign to the wall does not show up on the wall. I just changed the texture and associated hatch again to a 3.5" siding and yet, the hatch on the walls did not change. It did not change in hidden render nor did it change in OpenGL. Here are some screen shots to show what the class looks like and what my model looks like. What am I missing?
  17. Thanks for responding. I have chosen textures that also have a hatch in my wall class. The hatch on the walls do not correspond to the hatch I chose for the walls in the class. I have tried to change the texture/hatch attached to the wall class. Nothing changes. All of the walls are on the same class, yet some of the walls have a hatch that does not correspond to the texture/hatch and some are blank. As stated above, I have rendered the model in Open GL (I did not show a picture) and the textures do not show up in open GL.
  18. I have created a model for architectural drawings. I am trying to apply a texture to the walls so that, in the elevations, the building appears to have siding. I watched a video and did some research and found that I can apply textures to the walls by assigning them in the class and also by dragging and dropping them on the wall. However, I do this and no textures show up on my model. Actually, I have gotten the texture to work on the roof, but not on the walls. At one point, something that I did worked and there is now a siding hatch that I don't particularly like on a few walls, but I can't seem to change it to the siding that I like. Also, when I render it in Open GL, the wall siding doesn't show up either. How do I get this to work?
  19. Well, as I have worked on figuring this out, I was able to apply a texture to the roof (which is an object imported from SketchUp) and the vectorworks walls. While the textures show up if I render in Open GL, only the roof texture shows up on the walls (see pics.) Yes, both textures are associated with hatches.
  20. I took a lovely webinar yesterday. In it, I learned how to apply textures to walls. The instructor showed us that the texture will show up as a hatch in "hidden line" rendering. I have applied the texture to the wall and can see the texture in open GL. However, when I go to the elevation viewport rendered in "hidden line" mode, no hatch shows up. How do I get the hatch to show up? Thanks!
  21. Oh, wow! That worked! Such a simple solution. Thanks!
  22. I took a lovely webinar yesterday that showed me how to apply textures. Unfortunately, when I go to apply textures as in the webinar, I have none. I get a message like in the picture I have posted. In fact, I get this message when I try to access anything in my resource browser. It seems to be completely empty. I have tried downloading textures and a placing them in the renderworks textures folder in the vectorworks folder inside of the applications folder. I have restarted vectorworks. I still get the same message. Also, can't figure out how to change my signature. I am using Vectorworks 2019 with the Catalina system.
  23. I thought I would try to see if anyone has tried this. I have been successfully exporting my models into skechup; however, I can never get the model to import at the right scale. I always have to rescale the model once I import it into Sketchup. I have tried exporting it in many scales. The models are always either too big or too small. Does anyone know how to get the right scale? Thanks so much!
  24. My husband figured this one out. It turns out that the automatic update installer had stopped installing the updates. We made sure that all updates had been installed, restarted the computer, and now it is working fine.
  25. Okay, fixed that, but can I flip the cut so that the arrow is on the right? Thanks!
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