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  1. Kristin Proeger

    Door Types on Door Schedule

    I am putting together a door schedule for the first time using Vectorworks. I am accustomed to assigning door types to each door, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this in Vectorworks. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  2. I am having difficulty with the rendering of lines on my screen. I will zoom in and out and the objects that I have drawn will simply disappear. If I zoom in or out again, they will reappear. I have changed the rendering mode to "best compatibility" but the problem keeps happening. How can I solve this?
  3. Kristin Proeger

    Objects/lines disappear after zooming in or out.

    Fortunately, this isn't happening at the moment. Unfortunately, this means that I can't take a screen shot. It is happening in the design layer and sheet layer. I will zoom in on the drawing, I will only get the beige color of the background and I literally can not see my drawing even though I know I did not zoom too far in or too far out. If I zoom in or out just a tad, the drawing shows up again. This does not happen when I pan.
  4. Kristin Proeger

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    I have been using Vectorworks for a while but this is the first time I have created a schedule for doors and windows. I know a few basics but am having problems with a few key issues. 1. Windows and doors are showing up multiple times in my reports. 2. I have labeled my windows with letters as is the standard convention, however, the ID is saying that they are all labeled 01 in the window schedule. 3. I tried to sort my doors by ascending value, at which point the door numbers or "marks" simply disappeared. How do I make them show up again? Thanks, Kristin
  5. Kristin Proeger

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    I would like to add a column where I can write my own information. It would be in addition to the comments section. I have been able to add a column, but I can not type anything into the fields. I tried to reformat the column but couldn't find any options that solve this problem. TIA!
  6. Kristin Proeger

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    WOW! Thanks so much! That is such a cool trick!
  7. Kristin Proeger

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    Thanks for all the help! I currently have a good window schedule; however, there is a window listed whose dimensions are 0" x 0". I can not find this window anywhere, but would like to delete it. I have used the magic wand tool to highlight windows and it doesn't show up on either floor.
  8. Kristin Proeger

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    Thank you! With your help, I was able to work through these issues. Another question: I have been labeling my windows with letters. I label each similar window with the same letter; however, on my schedule, the window is listed as many times as it appears in the model. Is there any way to have, say, window D listed once with a column that lists the quantity? So instead of having three entries for window D, I have one entry with a quantity listed as 3?
  9. Kristin Proeger

    Window and Door Schedule Problems

    Okay, figured out the letter thing. I haven't put letters in all of the windows, so the 01 are just tags that haven't been changed yet.
  10. Kristin Proeger

    Color Hatch print to black or gray

    Hmmm...I am not sure that I understand. If I disable black and white, then my lines show up as the color of the classes which would be blue and red, etc. I need to print a set of construction documents where the lines are black and the hatches are grey.
  11. Kristin Proeger

    Color Hatch print to black or gray

    I am trying to do the same. I have adjusted the hatch to grey, but when I print in black and white, the hatch reverts to black. So, how can I print the hatches and keep them grey?


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