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  1. Well, as I have worked on figuring this out, I was able to apply a texture to the roof (which is an object imported from SketchUp) and the vectorworks walls. While the textures show up if I render in Open GL, only the roof texture shows up on the walls (see pics.) Yes, both textures are associated with hatches.
  2. I took a lovely webinar yesterday. In it, I learned how to apply textures to walls. The instructor showed us that the texture will show up as a hatch in "hidden line" rendering. I have applied the texture to the wall and can see the texture in open GL. However, when I go to the elevation viewport rendered in "hidden line" mode, no hatch shows up. How do I get the hatch to show up? Thanks!
  3. Oh, wow! That worked! Such a simple solution. Thanks!
  4. I took a lovely webinar yesterday that showed me how to apply textures. Unfortunately, when I go to apply textures as in the webinar, I have none. I get a message like in the picture I have posted. In fact, I get this message when I try to access anything in my resource browser. It seems to be completely empty. I have tried downloading textures and a placing them in the renderworks textures folder in the vectorworks folder inside of the applications folder. I have restarted vectorworks. I still get the same message. Also, can't figure out how to change my signature. I am using Vectorworks 2019 with the Catalina system.
  5. I thought I would try to see if anyone has tried this. I have been successfully exporting my models into skechup; however, I can never get the model to import at the right scale. I always have to rescale the model once I import it into Sketchup. I have tried exporting it in many scales. The models are always either too big or too small. Does anyone know how to get the right scale? Thanks so much!
  6. My husband figured this one out. It turns out that the automatic update installer had stopped installing the updates. We made sure that all updates had been installed, restarted the computer, and now it is working fine.
  7. Okay, fixed that, but can I flip the cut so that the arrow is on the right? Thanks!
  8. Okay, so I found the numbers. They are about 200 feet away from the section cut. When I try to move the numbers back to the section, the whole section cut moves instead of just the numbers. Any way to just move the numbers? Thanks!
  9. I have a section line in my drawing that isn't showing the number and page number it is referencing. It shows up like this in both the design layers of both the first and second floor as well as the viewports of the first and second floors. The other section lines display accurately. It is also currently linked to the section viewport. Also, is there a way to flip it so that the "arrow" side is on the left instead of the right? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the clarification. I followed the steps, but this did not solve the problem. However, it seems that now I don't have my fonts anymore. I would like to return to my original settings. Do I replace the 2019 folder with the one on my desktop?
  11. If I right click on the finder this happens. When I press option it doesn't change. No library.
  12. I pressed option and then clicked on the finder. This is what I got. No Library. I am a visual person. These directions make very little sense to me. I googled "Go menu". I have never heard that term before. The answers were less than helpful.
  13. I am trying to follow your directions, but I do not see an Application Support Folder.
  14. So now I am discovering that I can not draw shapes using this method either. The same thing happens where the dimensions return to zero when I press return. I have to draw the shape manually, and then change the dimensions in the object info bar.
  15. It sends me to the directional coordinate, but then when I press return ALL of the coordinates return to zero. If I place the object it lands right where it is in the drawing instead of any coordinates that I may type in.
  16. I reset the user origin to match the vectorworks origin. This has not changed anything.
  17. I've already done both. It still doesn't work properly. I type in the measurement, and then press return. The coordinates then return to zero.
  18. I am not sure what this is called, but when I move objects, I select them and then move them in the appropriate direction. I type in the correct distance and press return. For some reason, this is not working today. The object will simply move to where I have moved it and will not use the distance that I type. This is the case with every file that I open. Also, I can not properly scale hatches because the scale tool is doing the same thing. I would just rather figure out what is happening. I know there are different ways to do this, but I really don't want to slow down my flow by adopting new commands at this point. TIA
  19. Closed and reopened file, and that seemed to work.
  20. The flyover tool is not changing the perspective of my model so that I can see it in any perspective other than plan view. I have also tried to change the views in the pull down menu and can't do that either.
  21. Thank you Wes! I went there but was not able to click on the background render button?
  22. I am creating my first set of interior elevations. I am perplexed as to why the ceiling line and floor line render inconsistently. Please, see attachment for visuals. Some elevations (3 and 10) are complete and some aren't, even when they are in the same room. Also, sliding glass door in the dining room (10) doesn't render except for the trim? It rendered fine in the exterior elevation.
  23. I am trying to find ways to render my interior elevations so that the windows are shaded. If I render it with hidden line rendering, I do not get any shading. I like how the windows are shaded when I render with the unshaded polygon, however, strange lines appear. I have attached a picture. How can I get rid of these lines without having to mask them in the annotations viewport.
  24. The section cut portion of my interior elevations is rendering in a hatch; however, what I would like is to either change the hatch or have it render as a solid. I have figured out how to change this on sections but not on interior elevations. I have included a picture for reference.


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