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  1. I am a Mac user. I delivered a client a drawing who is a PC user. He has a question I can't answer. In Vector Works 9.5 (PC) some keyboard commands (rotate the "=" typed twice for example) hi-lites the rotate tool but does not take him to the box where one can type say 45degrees. I have looked in preferences and workspace but have not found his answer. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the reply, Vector Works is what does not launch. I have done all the standard stuff, rebuilt desktop, started without extensions, run Norton, trashed down loads from the past week, and re-installed the programme. All with no luck. My last thought is to wipe the drive and re-install everything.
  3. Before I re-initialize my drive...any one have VW 8.5 running on MAC system 8.2 that for some reason will not start because of an "Unexpected Error"?
  4. I have been helping a new user get up to speed with ARCHITECT 9.5 and found that the "Join" command (apple-J) seems not to be available. (I did a HELP search-with no luck.) Any hints as to how to connect walls or lines?
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