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  1. I just noted that I had a message, & thought I would try it since I updated with the latest SP (two weeks ago?) and the programme no longer freezes up. So just in time for VW20 this bug is resolved! THANKS!
  2. Agree 100% @Christiaan anything that's text related that should be placed on a Design Layer should be scaleable. Your thread is related to a wish list item I posted a few years back about Grid Bubbles.
  3. @JuanP Thanks, I'm pretty sure the programme is frozen. Attached is a screen shot, the first time today was soon (less than an hour) after my morning restart. I just know not to use the icon, but sometimes forget.
  4. I'd like to be able to use Strikethrough font in VW especial in Worksheets.
  5. Every time I choose the Message Icon, VW starts to open said dialogue box then promptly freezes. Anyone else get this issue?
  6. Hey @Jonathan Pickup So we now attempt to have as much notation as possible in the Annotation Layer. The only issue I see as a problem is if the door numbers are to be illustrated in another location, one must have to remember to transfer this information in Annotation Layer AND remember to copy the information if it is ever amended. For example today we have had to issue a Change Order that impacts three doors & these doors all show up on the main plan as well as individual details & elevations. If I use the Annotation Layer I'd have to add this copy & paste to 3 detail plans as well as my interior elevations. Or am I missing something?
  7. Thanks for the update & tips on using this tool @Brian(J) @Claes Lundstrom !
  8. Sorry to say but... The tool just does not really work vis a vis the way that I've read surveys for the past 30 years here in Canada. I've given up using the tool & just use lines with notes. Saves hours of work & bashing one's head on the desk.
  9. Thanks Adam, Please see the attached Waterdown 3.vwx
  10. Since the latest SP I'm having even more issues with Wall Joins not working properly. Is this a bug or an "improvement "? Here's just one example.
  11. How about the best fastener option the Roberson or Square Head?
  12. I do sometimes use the US style Elevation Tag but wonder if there might be a way to customize these things so I can get something like the attached as it is a pretty common way of indicating Elevation in Canada.
  13. @RGyori I've run into the same problem, but the other way round. The work-a-round I found was to open a blank working file with Imperial units (I think in your case you would open a Metric file), create a scale bar, Ungroup the scale bar then save the resulting objects as a symbol then import the symbol into my document. Not elegant, but it works.
  14. Good idea, you may want to wishlist this @JMR
  15. It may be powerful but in my, all be it limited trial & error (heavy on the error) I find the storeys function to be counter intuitive in both the interface & the way one adjusts and edits. Things may be better now, and as with any new workflow, one has to get used to the change to overcome misgivings and early frustrations. I for one, will give this a workflow a wide berth until we are engaged in a project that's greater than three storeys in height. So that's the thing with VW I like, one is not forced into one particular workflow; for example I have a colleague who does everything with 2D lines.
  16. In addition, as rated & commercial doors are metal extrusions this should be an option as well. We end up drawing these in details.
  17. Thanks, I suspect this may have been a case of unintended consequences. In the olden days I just used the Document Preferences & that seem to give me what I wanted. Having said this, other Building department have been more accepting of a bit of stray colour as long as it's not material to the drawing, but this one seems to be picking at nits. Off topic but related: I have been told by a retired official that as many building departments are not replacing staff, and budgets are being cut, in part due to departments being sold a shiny new electronic plans submittal system that's the opposite of user friendly (on both ends) that employ a windows 95-like interface. The result is overworked staff are finding any little thing they can find "wrong" after a quick review. Staff then kick the project out of the line-up. This takes pressure off as that project's legislative time line because a "mistake" stops the clock. In the bad old days, some of these questions would be solved by a phone call or an email. Redlines that might have been added to a drawing now have to be addressed rather than accepted or talked about. The result is projects are being delayed weeks and there is noting other than phoning & pestering that one can do to get the finger out.
  18. Some building departments are getting very picky about electronic submissions being Black & White PDF files. To ensure compliance, I have chosen the document preference of Black & White but a series of building sections rendered in open GL still produced colour PDFs. This meant having to find every symbol that had the least amount of colour & edit these symbols to remove all colour. Is there a different way to produce a B&W PDF? Additionally, is there a issue where Open GL & the setting for B&W don't play nice together?
  19. Why is this still a thing? I spent far too much time on elevations not showing window numbers all to find out that the newly installed windows had an auto class that is not something that can be turned on in a viewport?!! PLEASE this is an stupid stupid thing, and needs be fixed like about 15 or 20 years ago already!
  20. I was getting tires today & the shop was getting new counters as they continued to work. The counters are provided by the tire company & the monitors are flat screens with black backgrounds with mostly green blue & some red Helvetica like font. Think MS DOS from 1989, & as I had time to snoop the monitor stand that looked like what a bartender uses to administer shots of liquor from were being unloaded from a box. I happened to look at the invoice $689. $689 for a 2 1/2" tube with a flange & a bracket welded to it & a decorative escutcheon ring. So a Mac Version is 50% more does not surprise me. Not that I'm going to pay it, but some folks just are not as thrifty as me.
  21. I'm still an analogue guy. I would pay $20 more to have a book version of help.
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