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  1. I've not installed VW 2020 yet & may get around to it later this month. I am curious if the Dark mode is the only choice or may one keep the it light?
  2. I'm always nervous about Copy/Paste from the clipboard from one document to another. If I want to copy information from one file to another I always make the info I want copied into a symbol, then import the symbol to the new document & then change the symbol to a group & ungroup & delete the symbol.
  3. Back in the pencil & velum days I used an "A-A" convention for sections. Nowadays we just treat a section like any other detail. For example: 1-303, 2-303 etc. and show a section cut line. I know it adds another line on a document but I take your point about user choice.
  4. I may not understand your request properly. I change walls all the time & I'm able to select what side the replacement wall is based on the selected wall.
  5. ahhhh! I am such a dolt! It just clicked, (pun intended) Background Setting: OPEN GL Foreground Setting: Hidden Line Foreground RENDER Setting: Open & check Hidden line render settings "Sketch Hidden Line Results" 🙄
  6. This is even more curious. Printing a PDF without another Viewport stacked overtop results in ALMOST the desired effect. The Sketch is Wireframe not Hidden Line Weird
  7. To work-around I've had to stack a Hidden Line Sketch Viewport over an Open GL Viewport. I'm going to try a new file and see if this is still an issue...
  8. In this OPEN GL & Sketch no longer play nice in the same viewport. I checked the objects in the design layer, they do have Sketch selected in the Render tab of the OIP. I've used this setting many times & never had an issue, until now. Oh, & I checked a file that had the rendering option of Open GL with a Sketch hidden line that was created before the SP6 Update and it works as expected. As can be seen here:
  9. Just updated to the latest 2019 SP (6?) & now when I try and use OPEN GL with a foreground sketch style, it doesn't work... I'll try a restart & see what is what in the morning
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA from your pals who already had ours in October! 😎
  11. @Tim Norman-Prahm Generally we work with a very basic 2D stair in plan in SD & DD, just a series of rectangles on a Layer called "Vert Trans Main". This is a Hybrid 2D/3D Symbol and is used to lock in the space and as the layout develops the stair may morph as required, but we've not spent very much time on all the gadgets in the stair tool only to move it, alter it, make mental gymnastic kung fu moves. As the stair starts to get "locked in" we build a 3D model stair, in a 3D stair class to control the visibility. 3D model starts kinda blocky then gets more refined as required. As we get closer to permit drawings I take a deep dive into classes in 2D to get the look I want on a plan. The 3D model allows me to cut the sections for construction details.
  12. Get out now! It's a trap! The lesson I have learnt the hard way over these many years is the tool in its many iterations is a time sink so I model my own stairs.
  13. I note on the calendar that Construct Canada (Dec 4-6) Canada's largest AEC industry show (that I attend every year but have no affiliation to) isn't noted. I know that both Auto Desk and Archicad have had booths in the past (Auto Desk isn't a sponsor this year). I seen people I've know from the east coast, Quebec & Alberta at past shows. You may want to add it to your calendar.
  14. @JMR ... or draw a line through the text?😝
  15. Thanks! I've been looking at this box for years & never noted the Visibility button !!! What a dope!
  16. Maybe there's a way to do this, but from time to time I need a new Layer or Class & either forget to make it visible to all at the time of creation, or a situation changes & want to show this Layer or Class on all (or mostly all) Viewports. Alternatively I'd like to be able to select several Viewports & turn on a Layer of Class.
  17. Thanks @jnr saves me looking at this tool. We gave up attempting to use this tool years ago & have been modelling our own stairs. I always hold out hope but...
  18. We have our Practice Stamp in a Class (Notes-Title-Stamp) that's set up as a grey class on our template. When we print an approved drawing set only then do we turn this Class on. The drawing set is saved BEFORE the batch print & isn't saved so we have to make the effort to turn the Class on before a drawing set is again issued to ensure a drawing isn't issued by mistake with a stamp on it. I suspect you could have as many logos as you like in Template each with it's own class.
  19. @sbarnett We've not yet updated but we have a policy in the office that we (almost) never open a file in a later iteration of VW. For example I was working in a 2015 file last week. Where we draw the line is generally a decision that means the project is somewhere in CD or SD and is always project specific. If we've decided to move a project into the latest version of the software, it is always saved and locked in the version it was created in, and a new copy is Batch Converted to the new version. Before we use the newest version on a project, we always try a few test files & make a new template in the new iteration of the software, but pressures of production sometimes make us skip the last step. Given all this, I wish that VW's new release schedule was closer to 16-20 months, but I get that Marketers gotta Market!😀
  20. I note in some of the Advertising for VW Architect 2020 that it appears that one can produce walls and windows almost instantly from what looks like a subdivision model. While we can produce walls from polygons & I remember watching a training video about cutting holes and shapes that mimic doors & windows from a 3D object, I wasn't aware that 3D shapes will now allow us to make walls, windows & doors. Is this now the case? (Fingers Crossed!)
  21. What we do is is what to is to what Boh notes; that is put the Worksheet on a Design Layer at 1:1 scaled & then make several Viewports taking care not to miss or duplicate cell rows. To ensure this we often add a blank cell row with the note "Continued...."
  22. Thanks for the link @Christiaan ! I now have more to catch up on!
  23. Not sure if this has been addressed in VW2020 but an issue that's been an on going problem is the lack of scale / output sensitivity of most Tool/PIO objects that produce graphical data on a drawing & as you point out @Jim S. "live" on a Design Layer. We have tried two options, both work-a-rounds. -The first we tried was to turn these objects off when they take up too much room in a viewport looking like an imported ACAD chunk of text, & placing a "Dumb" graphic in the Annotation Layer. (This also allows us to make nice looking custom callouts that one can't achieve with many tools.) This works & keeps 90% of Text in Annotation where it belongs but it becomes a management issue to ensure as things change things of this nature are captured & updated; manually. - The second way we manage this is to use two viewports. One has the offensive PIO's class turned off, the second is a very small Viewport that is cropped closely around the graphics of the PIO but we reduce the scale of this viewport so that graphic object is appropriate for the viewport. A work-a-round but less management other than to check to ensure that the 2nd scaled viewport isn't accidentally sent to the back. This issue in many, examples has been wish listed several times- fingers crossed for 2020!
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