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  1. @Taproot @Tamsin Slatter This what I've had to do, but I seem to recall that back a few interactions ago (2014 maybe?) I was sure we were able to copy a door leaf style, then edit that style. Maybe not.
  2. @aa.schump The other issue is one also has to REMEMBER to return to the viewport if the drawing has been edited. I is a work-a-round & should be fixed.
  3. In general I think the Texture function needs an update. Near the top of this list is importing & editing textures. I would like to be able to do this within the programme. For example. I used VW to import several images, edited these using viewports cropped & stacked on one another so the textures look not to bad. I then have to export the sheet, crop it in a 2nd programme save the image file then re-import the image file. It would be very helpful if there was a module that would allow me to do this as part of the "Create a new Texture" process.
  4. Walls are a great resources, but the Acme of frustration that the Eyedropper Tool only seems to work to change a Wall Type. Won't change pretty basic things like wall height or texture settings, or the offset settings for wall assemblies. Please add these (& some other settings) to the attribute choices in the eyedropper tool.
  5. @Matt Overton I have a 2D symbol that does just that. 🙈
  6. @aa.schump In the meantime have you attempted a work-a-round by adding a Hatch in the Annotation layer?
  7. Thanks @Tamsin Slatter , I may not have been as clear as I should have been. My question is regarding the "Custom" tab. I thought once this choice was made, that I could then customize the door slab design. This does not seem to be the case, but I thought that I once could do this.
  8. It seems I used to be able to do this: - Insert a door into a wall - Choose a Custom Leaf through the OIP - Duplicate the Leaf - Edit the leaf I don't see a way to accomplish this other than to import a baked in door from a catalogue - Have I been cooped up to long & my tiny brain is playing trix on me. (At least that's what the cat tells me; but he was wrong about Tiger King!)
  9. Coincidentally, I happened upon this article: https://www.thespruce.com/do-replacement-windows-pay-for-themselves-1822914 This just looks at the "payback" time & does not take into account the embedded carbon that existing windows represent, nor does it represent the carbon footprint of new windows.
  10. In both our day to day work in renovations, & my volunteer work on heritage issues this is an issue I've made the argument for embodied energy for at least 15 years now. It started with keeping & repairing or repurposing old windows and has moved on to other topics. Would be really helpful to make the case with a tool in our workflow. Great idea @Asemblance !
  11. @Asemblance This is a great idea! Can you put it in the Wish list to get voted up?
  12. It would be very helpful to be able to Right Click on a selected wall to choose 1) Replacement wall (& to be able to use the a Hot Key to align as per an earlier wish list) 2) Change the wall to an Un-styled wall 3) Edt components of an Un-styled 4) Duplicate the selected wall & Edit a wall type on the fly For example: - Select a wall, Right Click, Choose to REPLACE select a 115mm wall with a 165mm wall from the file's Resources, then choose (WITH A HOT KEY) how to align the replacement wall to avoid having to use the mouse 3 or 4 more times or - Similarly Right Click and choose to Change a wall to an unsettled wall, then Right Click a second time to edit the wall assembly to say remove one side of the GWB and choose (WITH A HOT KEY) how to align the replacement wall to avoid having to use the mouse 3 or 4 more times et cetera, et cetera, et cetera
  13. Yeah, thanks, no. This is one option I was alluding to where I turn on a class that has a "NOT TO SCALE" note. As mentioned in the title, I would like to print a half size set At Scale. Also from my experience an ARCH D drawing doesn't fit on a Tabloid page unless it's reduced to 50%. 😊
  14. From time to time it is handy to produce a plan set on Ledger sized paper. I've done it several ways: a duplicate file that's resized, a duplicate set of sheets, a class that reads "NOT TO SCALE" in grey turned on and just printed. As is well know an ARCH D piece of paper isn't a 50% reduction when output to Tabloid (I think 45% is close). My wish is to have an output choice "Print Sheets to Fit - at Scale". this would save a boatload of time and effort and avoid contractors & clients pointing out that a set of drawings does not have the correct scale called out.
  15. I've worked on this before and I don't see that this technique works as the output's Drawing Label's Scale is not changed. In the past I've had to have a whole duplicate set of Sheets to make this read properly. Any thoughts on the subject?
  16. Hi @Jonathan Pickup , The issue is in the past we could use a series of Keyboard Commands to choose where my replacement walls align to. Now one must use the mouse to select the replacement's position, just slows me down and every time I use the replace wall I get PO'd because we used to be able to use the keyboard to accomplish this task & now we don't. A little annoyance I know, but how hard can it be to re-introduce something that was there since the dark ages? Plus as I've illustrated, the keyboard command works for Align / Distribute and lots of other tools & commands allow for keyboard shortcuts why not wall replacement?
  17. Would also be GREAT to be able to copy an area from the OIP
  18. This is an old request that I can't find on the BB that I want to re-request and as I've not yet updated to VW2020 it may be a moot request. In past interactions of VW prior to VW2014 (?) one could align replacement walls by using the keyboard to choose where one wanted the replacement wall to align, right, left, centre etc. and this function has never been added back. For those who didn't use it, it was similar to what happens when one uses the Align command. Here's what I mean: Align command allows one to us a keystroke to choose alignments of object chosen: Unless I'm missing a setting, no amount of moving my facial features allow me to do the same thing with replacing walls I have to move the mouse to the dialogue box and choose my selections with mouse clicks:
  19. Haven't update to VW2020 yet but in VW2019 I'd say yes & no. I still get some glitches such as: -when a wall that's joined at 90º to another is moved, the plan may look OK but a wall heal reveals the old join is still there on the stationary wall - using the Join command doesn't always join components or leaves a line in a join at 90º - some components just don't join properly and so in some cases walls have to be deleted & redrawn or a wall has to be grouped first as a work-a-round so the wall looks correct Overall, walls in 2019 were very buggy, but that seems to have been fixed in the later SPs Now if we can only have the Quick Key back that was removed in 2014(?) that allowed one to use a key command to align replacement walls rather than having to use the mouse I'd be much happier.
  20. @ericjhberg While I didn't do a deep dive on the topic, a quick look see on the interweb has many links to "Clipboard" issues. Like you I'd like to know the basis for this. Heck, I'd like to know why electrons, that are constantly in motion are able to "store" stuff in the first place.
  21. @Vectorworks Novice Welcome to the forum! When I used ACAD as my go to software (back when Adam Ant was new & cool), I was always bumping into "rules" as it seems there was only one correct way to do something. In most situations VW allows for multiple ways to approach an end result. As has been pointed out by other (smarter) users above there are some real advantages to using VW. I'd encourage you to kick some of these things out. My work flow could be called BIM-ish in about 80% of our projects but even then I will sometimes revert to 2D (especially for some quick details). As a further example: despite many examples, explanations, training & arguments one of our principals continues to do everything in 2D. With Lines. Without almost any polygons. Without Hatches. 🙄 As his projects are not part of most other's workflow. No harm no foul, but the reason I use his example is (as frustrating as it is for me to think about) he gets a product to a client & the client is happy and the projects get completed. I might suggest that you work as you feel comfortable, but that you also scratch around the programme to see how much more you can achieve in a more timely manner using the 3D potential of the programme.
  22. I know it's a matter of taste, but I'd not choose a "Dark Mode" as I spent too many years in front of a black CRT with a glowing green drawing hammering out commands until I discovered MiniCad. Yes, I am THAT old.
  23. @Sebastiaan I was told years ago that using the clip board between one file & another may introduce minor errors that can lead to file corruptions. The analogy I was given was that using the clip board between files is like a "photo copy of a photo copy". So as an abundance of caution I use either Reference information from another file, or import a symbol as these techniques are designed specifically to import info from one file to another.
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