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  1. @Christiaan Were I to start from scratch, I'd like to see notes in the Resource Pallet with Folders similar to Symbols & the ability to pick many Notes at one time. Our work-a-round has been to have many common Notes on an otherwise blank Viewport on a blank Sheet.
  2. Firstly, the folders in the Resources for symbols are a good thing. No, check that! Symbol folders a great thing, not great like a view of Niagara Falls on a clear very cold winter's day, but something that VW has got right! I would welcome the opportunity (perhaps a preference?) to select one's Symbol Folders when choosing to Replace A Symbol. Imagine a set of Mighty, Mighty, Symbol Folders rather than a big long list of symbols. The present function must use a boat load of memory (as it seems to take my computron 4- EVER to think about the process at present). Would it not only improve the process of the steam powered calliope that makes this function go, if it were to only have to glean though one folder of symbols at a time? If nothing else, my life would be more fulsome if I didn't have to scroll through what seems like the CGI credits at the end of a marvel monster movie. If you do change the function you should also rename it to something keen like: Replace-O-Symbol Just imagine an escape from Replace A Symbol drudgery forever with new & improved Replace-O-Symbol ! YOU, your friends & family, AND your pocketbook will thank-you too when you step into the land of tomorrow! With Streamlined Replace-O-Symbol! It's aerodynamic AND Futuristic! All the cool kids will want to be replacing their symbols with the neatest new tool Replace-O-Symbol ! Oh, & if the boffins are under the hood checking on why this "Check Engine Light" keeps coming on, would it be impolite to ask: "is there any way that the actual Change of a Symbol could be completed with one double click rather than several mouse over checks?" Remember KIDS Replace-O-Symbol Ask for it by NAME! Accept no substitutions!
  3. @PeterYip @Phil hunt I see what the issue was. In the documentation the suggestion is to look for the Menu header with the name of: ´panta rhei' Finding the Plug-in "Object to Screen Plane" or "Objects to Layer Plane" does the trick & it works like a charm, THANKS!
  4. I downloaded the script was not able to get it to run on VW2019. The workspace editor doesn't see it
  5. @Aspect_Design that's true! I'll send the link to my client, THANKS!
  6. @Aspect_Design Sheesh! between that & Windor it seems you have a better VW Experience than we do in the Great White North! I spent days of un-billable hours attempting to build a pathway to Biesseworks for this client including working with the Biesseworks people. Biesseworks is just plain evil.
  7. @Matt Overton This is a GREAT Idea! I don't know what this isn't a thing! In the meantime I just tried the following & I'm going to add it to the template tomorrow: Created a visible Class called HI LITE, pen is set to 0 & fill is solid but Class is set to 40% opacity. I can put a rectangle over my text & move the rectangles to HI LITE & presto! THANKS FOR THE TIP! This will be very helpful as often a cloud is too much / not enough visually.
  8. @Aspect_Design I showed IC to a client a few years ago & for some reason, (god only knows why) they bought the software that their CAM dealer suggests (Bessiework maybe?) Anywho, I was very impressed with IC, both how it works with VW & what it adds. It would be a real improvement if VW came with IC as a module like RW or Landscape. @Andrew Pollock I get that every closet is different; I worked on a home a few years back that had his & hers walk-ins that rival the main floor of my house in area. I also get that a PIO would likely make things easier, but if @Aspect_Design 's suggestion of using IC is overkill, you may want to consider a symbol or three. For example, a closet with interior dims of 600x1850 (2'x6') with generic walls and a generic door that includes several PIO's such as the Closet Rod, Utility Cabinet, Wall & Base Cabinet. In each room one could place the closet with all the classes turned on then as the symbol requires amending turn the symbol on the page to a Group to edit. Not as elegant as IC but, may take some of the drudgery out of the process.
  9. @Andrew Pollock What about making a 3D symbol that employs the cabinet plug-ins? This is what I do for my Doctor Office Exam Rooms. Two basic symbols that I customize for each suite of exam rooms depending on the project.
  10. I was just tiding up this file & wondered if this Wish does make it into the hopper, I'd like to add this: Presently my custom dimension does half the job, but I have to add two lines with arrows , & one has a circle at the end to show joist or rafter direction. If there would be a way to edit the witness lines so one could show joist & rafter direction in a custom dimension, that would save lots of time.
  11. Bumping this up. I think there are several threads on this request
  12. I have a few custom Dimension lines, & two relate to Structural Call-outs. If I have a Joist call out showing the bearing but on the other end it's an outlook or cantilevered I have to put a white blob to cover the arrow. (Bad Drafting always results in bad buildings!) I would love to have the ability to change the "Arrowheads" at both ends of a custom Dimension so I could have no arrow at one end.
  13. Not to hijack the thread, but to the point about an item's perimeter in the OIP. I think I've submitted a wish some time ago to have the perimeter or the area in the OIP a value that can be selected. Right now it's just a value that shows up that one must note rather than use.
  14. @Pat Stanford Thanks Pat, the DPI is something I'll do. @bcd That's amazing render speeds! @TomWhiteLight Tom. My issue isn't "What buttons to push" it's more a time on tools issue, playing with RW beyond what I'm uses to doing; upping my game as it were. I've used RW for more than a decade & sat in a few of the training sessions at 3 of the past Design Summits so it's like anything practice, practice practice. As I noted, for 80% of what I do RW is great, camera match alone (while a bit fussy) has allowed me to have let Photoshop laps a couple of years back. @Kevin Allen Yeah I find lighting a bit fussy, as I don't do a lot of full RW viewports, I find I have to think about the lighting tools as to my old noggin I don't find them as intuitive as other tools.
  15. @zoomer From what I can tell, only Twinmotion works on OSX
  16. @zoomer @Kevin Allen @TomWhiteLight I guess my RW skills need some work. I find it really hard work to light, find & edit textures. I've used the cloud rendering but the issue I find is the lag time between what I've done & what needs to be changed. As I say, I guess I need to work at RW more to improve my renders.
  17. @TomWhiteLight Please send a link to my MSG. Thanks!
  18. For most of my work, I like Open GL with a Sketch filter as it communicates the design intent, while keeping things a bit rough so clients don't feel the design is "Finished". That said, we are being asked for more "realistic" renders more and more. Camera Match has it's advantages and RW is fine for many of these clients but we are being shown examples that I don't think I can reproduce in RW. I know that one of the best things about VW is there's more than one way to skin a cat, but I'm curious if there's one best 2nd party render software to take renders to the next level. I think that Cinema 4D was often seen as the default but is this still the case? I don't know what I don't know so this question may not have a clear answer, and from looking around the forum, I really don't get a clear direction. What are others using to take renders to a more photo realistic level?
  19. I use the Purge command to delete coincident objects, but I would like to be able to fine tune this so I could select these items & view them, perhaps in a group. That way I could go through the items to ensure that I'm not deleting something that may be in the file for a reason.
  20. When working on Schematic Design I like to send clients illustrations with a couple of different options, with a sketch style applied and from a couple of points of views. I was going to try a Renderworks style, but rather than have to try & figure this out, I just used the Open GL with Eyedropper tool to get the level of sketchiness & the look I wanted. I may try RW styles on some other files, but in the meantime I have a few questions: - Does the RW Style only work using with Renderworks or does it work with Open GL? - Is there an advantage to RW Styles over using the Eyedropper? - I seem to recall seeing a training video on the subject of RW Styles, but I don't see it on Service Select Any tips on the subject would be most welcome
  21. Doors & window flexibility has been opined on for some time. Most of the time we either make do with what's baked in, or make a custom symbol. Sometimes it would be very helpful to take the so called "Custom*" Leaf choice and, well, make it really, like, you know, a CUSTOM Leaf. Allow us to duplicate the so called "Custom*" Leaf of our choice (within the OIP) to then allow for users to monkey about with the duplicated "Custom*" Leaf quickly & on the fly. * Note, a Custom object in my experience is something that is altered in way that reflects something that is presently not on offer. For example when a client request: " I would like my wall painted a custom colour to match my Homer Simpson themed slippers" we have the object scanned to colour match the object. Same with a door, if I need a small hatch cut in a door to allow for leprechauns to get in & I don't see this as a choice then I need something custom. Until some way of customizing is found, could we call the Leaf choice something else? How about "Fancy" I know lots of clients who like Fancy things.
  22. @markdd @Tamsin Slatter OK, I am wrong as I must be remembering something else as I went back as far as VW 12.5 (not 2012) and it appears one could not edit a so called "Custom" Door leaf from the OIP or the Resources, so there's that. I do get the work - a - rounds but it's a pretty shabby alternative. Not that we have much need, only every comes up once a year or 18 months. Having said this, I'll add it as a wish list item, editing a door should not be a full time occupation.
  23. @Taproot @Tamsin Slatter This what I've had to do, but I seem to recall that back a few interactions ago (2014 maybe?) I was sure we were able to copy a door leaf style, then edit that style. Maybe not.
  24. @aa.schump The other issue is one also has to REMEMBER to return to the viewport if the drawing has been edited. I is a work-a-round & should be fixed.
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