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  1. When using the Speaker or Speaker Array tools, the "Import" option for speaker type does not appear until after the speaker/array is placed. I am embarrassed to admit that I spent several years thinking that the "Import" feature was a myth and did not exist, because every time I looked for it I was in the middle of placing a new speaker/array, rather than editing an existing speaker/array. Every time I've used the tools, I either chose a Speaker Type that I previously saved, or proceeded to manually enter the geometry in the process of initially placing the speaker/array in the drawing. I never thought to go back to an existing array to look for the import feature because by that time I generally didn't need it. I finally realized that if you are looking at an existing Speaker/Array, the Import option appears. This resolves my frustration for the most part but it would still be nice to save a step and be able to import at the beginning. I might even save someone else years of frustration.
  2. Thank you Pat! It was happening for me on all files, new and old. I created a new document and selected 10pt font size with nothing selected, and now it is defaulting to that. I think it used to be 10pt or 12pt, so I never had the need to change the unstyled size before; not sure how it got changed to 9999999pt font or whatever it was doing before. Fixed now!
  3. I think this started when I updated to VW2018; I'm running it on Windows 10. When I create an object such as text or a dimension, the text style defaults to un-styled. Unfortunately the un-styled text renders incorrectly and I have to change it to see the text. Apparently the un-styled text is rendering about 214' tall - it took me a while to eventually zoom out far enough to realize that was the problem. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to change the default text style to something other than un-styled, or to change the "un-styled" text style? Here are some images - I drew a dimension on a 3" square, which makes the text look like a thin wide line. Second image is zoomed out far enough to see the 214'-tall text. Third image is after changing the text style - it now displays correctly.


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