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  1. I just spent three hours trying to track down problems with my Anaconda python installation when I remembered to my chagrin that I had recently updated my Vectorworks 2018. I then remembered that for some reason Vectorworks likes to put the Qt DLL libraries in the Windows\System32 directory which immediately breaks the Anaconda installation. Don't Do This! Vectorworks works perfectly well when the Qt DLLs are placed in its own home directory. I really don't want to forget about this the next time I update Vectorworks and go through the process of reinstalling Anaconda because I mistakenly believe I broke a python library.
  2. After I installed Vectorworks 2018, my Anaconda python installation could no longer use Qt, so python apps like spyder and matplotlib didn't work. I found out that, for some odd reason, Vectorworks 2018 puts the Qt dll files (QtCore.dll, etc...) in the Windows/System32 directory, which overrides the ability for python to use the PATH environment variable to find and use its own installed Qt DLLs. I moved the Qt DLLs from the Windows/System32 director into the Vectorworks2018 folder, and that seemed to fix the problem. Both Vectorworks and my Anaconda python distribution work properly now. I had to do this again after the most recent Vectorworks Service pack update. I would strongly urge Vectorworks to not use the Windows/System32 directory for DLLs that can interfere with the operation of other installed programs. Just thought I would post this here in case anyone else runs into this issue.


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