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  1. Please make the SpotLight Truss Tool snap to the nearest rounded up or down whole number. I have never used a stick of truss that is 20' 4.3242". This would be a big time saver (and ridicule from the riggers, when I forget to fix one) Thanks Mark
  2. It would be much faster for us if the PERFORM A COMPLETE EXPORT ON EXIT was a menu item, so that I can make it a Hot Key, instead of opening a few menus. I have asked Sam to write this into AutoPlot, but he says that vector scrip will not allow him to do this. On large productions, 500 fixtures plus, to keep Lightwright and VW in sync, we often have to Do A "Export on Exit" to refresh the XML file. So when the VW/LW files are passed back and forth from the LD and Production Electrician, an EXPORT ON EXIT will sharply reduce the conflicts. Not sure what the problem is between VW and LW, in keep the XML file straight but there are issues on large shows Could EXPORT ON EXIT have a better name????
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