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  1. Steve Jepson

    Vectorworks to Archicad & vice-versa

    Something I think would be useful would be to have a sort of Dictionary for translating what things mean in both programs. For example: In ArchiCAD there is are Work Environment Profiles - in Vectorworks those appear to be called a Workspace. Simple things like that would be easier to learn with some sort of equivalent chart.
  2. Steve Jepson

    VW2018 Workspace Reset...Sidebar collapses EVERY TIME!

    Is there a way to save customized Workspaces and load the one you want to use?
  3. Steve Jepson

    PDF Manipulation?

    Can you Explode a .pdf with Vectorworks into lines, fills, etc... ?
  4. Steve Jepson

    Maxwell render plug-in?

    I have the plug-in for ArchiCAD but I don't even use it. I much prefer to save the model as .3ds and import into Maxwell Studio for all of the pre-rendeing work and lighting. As we all know, the quality of the rendering is all about the materials. And Maxwell Studio is a much better place for managing the materials, adding content, setting up the lights, etc... Also, there are more options for the kind of file formats for trees and such that you can use in Maxwell but no in ArchiCAD. I was just not impressed with it much. First thing I do in Maxwell Studio is delete all the materials and reapply Maxwell materials. I have no problem running both programs at the same time. For me, rendering is a final phase and I don't need to use something like live-sync. If it were just pretty pictures with lots of trees and such, I would use Lumion 9 Pro.
  5. Steve Jepson

    Vectorworks to Archicad & vice-versa

    @riemann Is there a reason you are not using IFC as the file exchange format between VW and ArchiCAD ?


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