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  1. Normally I would think this was an operating system problem but it is only happening with VW so I am hoping someone else has encountered this and knows howto fix it.


    When using Vectorworks I can not use bring any other application to the front. Using Alt-Tab does not work and neither does clicking on another application either from the the dock or clicking on a bit of the app I can see behind VW.


    using VW 2019

    on a PC running Window 10 Pro



  2. I think I am having a similar problem.


    I'm making a new template for all our projects.

    I created my title block, created all the sheet layers, created a worksheet to list sheet number and sheet title.


    I needed to make some corrections. was able to update all the sheets (although this was kludgey as apparently vw can't  see capitalization of sheet titles. I had to change 'General' to 'General098457sdlkjfhg' and THEN change to 'GENERAL'). (but, whatever)....


    Once I did that I tried to recalculate my worksheet. To no avail. Now I cant even access the Title Block Manager.


    Do I have to start from scratch with my template?!? I can't even.


    Does anyone have any suggestions for what the heck is going on?


  3. okay, this is possibly a bug of some sort. My guess is that a helios MUST have a color applied to it.

    So, when I create a class that has NO fill color, and add a  helios to that class, the helios chooses the default fill color which is that cyan color.


    recreate with these steps:

    Select the helios

    put helios on a class that has no fill color.

    in the attribute palette choose fill 'Solid'

    it automatically fills with cyan color and the helios cone turns cyan and the light on the model turns greenish

    return fill in attribute palette to 'None' 

    notice that the fill color of the cone and the light color remains cyan 

    change fill color something else and the cone changes as well and the light color changes to that color as well

    return fill in attribute palette to 'None' 

    notice that the fill color of the cone and the light color remains whatever color you chose.


    It may well be that a helios requires a fill color.

    if that is the case it is confusing that I am allowed to select 'None' as a fill in the attribute palette.


    thanks, all, for your help.





  4. I did look and the class has no fill.

    BUT when I look at both heliodons in 3D view the arrows are filled in a cyan color... so maybe that has something to do with it?


    If I have only the one on the left active the coloring of model is fine.when I turn on the class for the second heliodon it turns green. I have tried making new heliodons, switching classes, put them on separate layers...


    I guess I can tell the client we turn the model green to help reduce distractions. ahahaha 😄


    If you have any other thoughts on why this might happen I would appreciate it!






  5. Okay, so there are no residential outdoor lighting options. Got it. I'll work on making my own.


    It just seems so weird that there aren't any options for such a crucial part of landscape design. I was hoping they were there and I just couldn't find them. I notice they have a bunch of streetlights suitable for commercial projects elsewhere.




  6. Hi,


    I would like to have 3D residential landscape lighting objects and attach my own data records to them.

    I was wondering if there are already some basic ones I can use.


    I found one bollard that looks usable in Resources/Vectorworks Libraries/Object-Building Services/Electrical/Click Lighting Outdoor Bollards.vwx


    But am looking for a basic path light, step light, up light, shroud/no shroud, etc.


    Anyone know where to find such a thing?




  7. Hi there,


    I'm using Landmark 2018

    on a microsoft surface (sad face).


    I have to mess with a lot of plant symbols. Whenever I need to change something in the Object Info palette. the palette blinks three times per thing I have to change. so that's like 3 extra seconds, if not more, to change each thing for my plants.


    order of events:

    place some plant symbols

    highlight them

    in object info palette scroll to Polygon Display

    change it to something

    watch the darn thing blink three times



    This is driving me absolutely nuts...


    any ideas what the problem is?

  8. Hi there,


    I have a site model and I need to create the existing stairs. The stairs are a bit wonky and I am having all kinds of trouble.


    I'm wondering how other people would approach creating these...


    I'm new to site modeling and so I am flailing a bit.


    Would you just create each stair as a pad?

    Lower left you can see the bit where the stairs are all weird.




  9. Hi there.

    I am going through this tutorial: Adding Source Data with 2D Polygons or Polylines


    I have selected all my contour lines.

    I go to Landmark > Survey Input > 2D Polys to 3D Source Data

    when this dialog pops up the contour line that is automatically selected is one way up in the middle of the site instead of starting with the line I selected first.
    Additionally, if I hit 'Next',  it then starts selecting all kinds of random lines that I did not even select! in the first place!


    If I delete everything but the contour lines it still selects a random contour line in the middle of the site and skips around whenever I hit the 'Next' button.


    my contour lines are all on the same layer, there are no other lines or polys on that layer.


    I wonder if anyone has any insight about this problem.




  10. Hi, I'm going through the tutorials for site modeling and am trying to make a simple model.

    I want the model to be smooth and filled in the same way it looks in the 3D Preview area of the Site Model Settings dialog box.

    I am in VW2018 and on a PC


    I'm adding a pic of my model which is just all lines and the preview box where it shows an example of how I want it to look.





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