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  1. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov but to alter the TB layout you have to do that individually for each page. is that correct? i have a huge number of sheet layers w/ tbs that are going to need me to do this to. 😞
  2. @Pat Stanford than ks for your reply! Thanks I finally got it using your comment and the one from Boh This part was what I was missing: Add a criteria that list objects whose: Field value / "This Title Block Is Active" / = / "True" thanks all
  3. @Andy Broomell Can you post HOW you did that though? I did just copy your worksheet but would like to be able to construct one myself. Did you do advanced criteria? Record/sheet data/is present then what? Field value? but then I dont see anything in Field value that works... thx
  4. Normally I would think this was an operating system problem but it is only happening with VW so I am hoping someone else has encountered this and knows howto fix it. When using Vectorworks I can not use bring any other application to the front. Using Alt-Tab does not work and neither does clicking on another application either from the the dock or clicking on a bit of the app I can see behind VW. using VW 2019 on a PC running Window 10 Pro
  5. My boss ended up upgrading to vw 2019 and buying me a new computer.... $$$$$$$$$
  6. well. nevermind... hahahah Ina l my messing about I unchecked Automatic drawing coordination... https://learn.archoncad.com/blog/2014/03/07/vectorworks-tip-046-basic-tools-automatic-drawing-coordination/
  7. I think I am having a similar problem. I'm making a new template for all our projects. I created my title block, created all the sheet layers, created a worksheet to list sheet number and sheet title. I needed to make some corrections. was able to update all the sheets (although this was kludgey as apparently vw can't see capitalization of sheet titles. I had to change 'General' to 'General098457sdlkjfhg' and THEN change to 'GENERAL'). (but, whatever).... Once I did that I tried to recalculate my worksheet. To no avail. Now I cant even access the Title Block Manager. Do I have to start from scratch with my template?!? I can't even. Does anyone have any suggestions for what the heck is going on?
  8. @Jeremy Best Thanks for your reply! Fortunately my boss replaced the surface with a nice desktop. 🙂 I can report that the blinking is not quite so bad. maybe .5 second instead of three for each change. -Laura
  9. @rowbear97 I am having this same problem. It is very frustrating. absolutely nothing will allow me to create plant tags that aren't all wonky on my rotated plan. Can you point me to a tutorial for creating a custom data tag for plants? I'm not having any luck finding one.
  10. okay, this is possibly a bug of some sort. My guess is that a helios MUST have a color applied to it. So, when I create a class that has NO fill color, and add a helios to that class, the helios chooses the default fill color which is that cyan color. recreate with these steps: Select the helios put helios on a class that has no fill color. in the attribute palette choose fill 'Solid' it automatically fills with cyan color and the helios cone turns cyan and the light on the model turns greenish return fill in attribute palette to 'None' notice that the fill color of the cone and the light color remains cyan change fill color something else and the cone changes as well and the light color changes to that color as well return fill in attribute palette to 'None' notice that the fill color of the cone and the light color remains whatever color you chose. It may well be that a helios requires a fill color. if that is the case it is confusing that I am allowed to select 'None' as a fill in the attribute palette. thanks, all, for your help. Laura
  11. I did look and the class has no fill. BUT when I look at both heliodons in 3D view the arrows are filled in a cyan color... so maybe that has something to do with it? If I have only the one on the left active the coloring of model is fine.when I turn on the class for the second heliodon it turns green. I have tried making new heliodons, switching classes, put them on separate layers... I guess I can tell the client we turn the model green to help reduce distractions. ahahaha 😄 If you have any other thoughts on why this might happen I would appreciate it! Thanks! Laura
  12. Not sure if this is a rendering problem or a lighting problem. I added a second heliodon and my model turned green... Anyone know why this might happen? Thanks!
  13. oh nice, there r ones here I can use and build on. thanks!
  14. Okay, so there are no residential outdoor lighting options. Got it. I'll work on making my own. It just seems so weird that there aren't any options for such a crucial part of landscape design. I was hoping they were there and I just couldn't find them. I notice they have a bunch of streetlights suitable for commercial projects elsewhere. -Laura
  15. Hi, I would like to have 3D residential landscape lighting objects and attach my own data records to them. I was wondering if there are already some basic ones I can use. I found one bollard that looks usable in Resources/Vectorworks Libraries/Object-Building Services/Electrical/Click Lighting Outdoor Bollards.vwx But am looking for a basic path light, step light, up light, shroud/no shroud, etc. Anyone know where to find such a thing? Thanks! Laura
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