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  1. Where is the trial version of ConnectCad?
  2. Hi Max. No, I meant another. Not numbered , assigned. Automatically on how many channels the device uses
  3. Maybe someone will tell me how to do that would automatically assign universes
  4. @JustinVH Ok. Now works perfectly. How to fix the remaining spacers? 🙂
  5. @JustinVH I use standard Prolyte libraries. Truss and spacers. Untitled 1.vwx
  6. I can not understand how to connect via spacers. It is crookedly connected truss-spacer.mov
  7. Tanks Mark. Also for corners, the default is 180 degrees.
  8. Looks like it's a bug. I use the standard symbol from the Prolyte family. After connecting to the straight section, the symbol loses 2D information russ-bog.mov
  9. Hi to all! How to fixed that? No simplified view and no 2D symbol. See to corners in the screenshots. Draw 3D only - off
  10. Thanks Andrew. But I see that the projection distance for curved screen is not correct. Correct distance 5578 mm
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