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  1. Alex71

    Looking for Grand MA3 symbols

    I have no acces to Service Select
  2. Hi. Maybe someone has?
  3. Alex71

    automatic universe assignment

    Hi Max. No, I meant another. Not numbered , assigned. Automatically on how many channels the device uses
  4. Maybe someone will tell me how to do that would automatically assign universes
  5. Ok. File is attached Untitled 1.vwx
  6. Alex71

    Another problem with trusses

    Thanks Justin. I will try...
  7. Alex71

    Another problem with trusses

    @JustinVH Ok. Now works perfectly. How to fix the remaining spacers? ūüôā
  8. Alex71

    Another problem with trusses

    @JustinVH I use standard Prolyte libraries. Truss and spacers. Untitled 1.vwx
  9. I can not understand how to connect via spacers. It is crookedly connected truss-spacer.mov
  10. Tanks Mark. Also for corners, the default is 180 degrees.
  11. Looks like it's a bug. I use the standard symbol from the Prolyte family. After connecting to the straight section, the symbol loses 2D information russ-bog.mov
  12. Hi to all! How to fixed that? No simplified view and no 2D symbol. See to corners in the screenshots. Draw 3D only - off
  13. Thanks Andrew. But I see that the projection distance for curved screen is not correct. Correct distance 5578 mm
  14. Curved screen for one projector. Can't do.
  15. Alex71

    OpenGL Low quality

    Ok. Thx


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