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  1. It is quite interesting as i have spoken to MA providers and on the MA forum. And they are saying that it is a VW issue. However, they are saying it is being resolved. I just feel it is taking a really long time. Anyway, yes i have heard of GTDF. I think its a great idea!!
  2. Thanks @Gabriel Chan but i have the service pack 3 installed and it is still not working. We are already approaching the end of July. Is this problem ever going to be fixed?
  3. Im understanding the workspaces fairly well at this stage. I have worked with CAD programs before so the concepts and principles all make sense. I am finally in a position career wise where i can dive deep into the vectorworks world and start improving our processes in my Department. So, that brings me to my next question... I trying to use the Export GrandMA Setup plugin.I have been following the Youtube tutorial by ACT Lighting. But the file that is exported is 0kb. and when i follow the process to load it onto MA3D, it says it was successful but zero objects loaded... I have tried over and over and played around with my numbers. Every fixture is a symbol used from spotlight. every fixture has an address and a channel assigned to it. I have looked at the video over and over and tried over and over step by step. and still it says this (Image attached) I go into setup from here and nothing has changed.
  4. Great this worked!! Thank you very much. Im still a bit of a Green Horn but getting into it more and more with every drawing!
  5. Hi guys So, when i select File, i have no option to access my title block manager?? Am i doing something wrong?
  6. Hi Juan Thank you so much for the reply. So it looks like we will need to go for the G-Series license. Please let me know what you mean by "since you will have 2 seats only 2 people will be able to work at the same time with the application." - We have more than 2 people that need to work... Set and stage, Lighting, Rigging, Audio, AV. Will each department be able to work on the same drawing? Also will Braceworks also work across the board for this? We need a truelly integrated system to smooth our workflow and give us accurate information. As far as your distributor, my main issue is the gentlemen are not informed about the product. They were unable to provide me with the information i just got from you. Maybe it would benefit you and them if they had some training. We will surely be needing aftermarket services as well, and i am concerned that will are not trained up[ enough for this. I have also asked him for a Braceworks quote and he just quoted me on 2 x spotlight e-series licenses? Please take this as positive criticism. I would love to support them. Thank you again for the assistance.
  7. Hi all. I need some information, as the Vectorworks distributors dont seem to be very clued up on the Spotlight and Braceworks versions of the product. We have one Spotlight License and it seems that it only works on one pc. I have heard that we can look in to getting a network licence which will enable multiple users to use the same product linked to a server. However this is where my info ends. Can someone please help me and explain it a bit more in detail for me. I dont want us to invest in the wrong deal. We need a system that each department can work on the same drawing. From their own stations. How can Vectorworks assist us with this need without needing to buy a seperate license for each user? If anyone on here knows a better support supplier in Dubai other than the current one registered on the Vectorworks website (I dont want to mention any names), please do let me know...... Thanks all in advance!!
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