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  1. Wow that's super cool! Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, I'm wondering how to create a wall with different thickness? I mean one side of this wall is oblique, the other side is straight, like this. I tried to draw a polygon and a normal wall, but there's no component in that polygon, how can I manage it? Thank you!
  3. shiyu

    Helpp! How to make continuous roof?

    Thank you! I’ll try it later
  4. shiyu

    Helpp! How to make continuous roof?

    Yes! How did you make it?
  5. shiyu

    Helpp! How to make continuous roof?

    Hi Robert, thank you for your reply. Yeah, this is a section view. make an example, If I create a square room, when I create the roof with these walls, the roof is integrated square shape, but what I want to do is get several septated roofs based on those walls. Can vectorworks make it?
  6. Hello guys, I was wondering how to make a continuous roof in a closed room. just like what I attached, and there's no wall in the middle..


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