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  1. I know the suspense is killing everyone. . . So, my label legends are pretty old. They date back to I'm not sure when. So the old generic instrument seems to be causing the problem. When I check "Use Layout Symbol" for a legend, and delete the old generic instrument in the 2D symbol, this issue goes away. Hooray! and weird.
  2. This video shows a label legend with individual selection handles that formerly moved each individual field without affecting any other field. In 2019, the selection handles are there, but when I try to move the field, nothing happens and it changes to one selection handle for the whole label legend. P.S. Greenhorn relates to these message boards. I've been drafting light plots with this software for twenty years. What happened? label legend issue.MOV
  3. Ken White's screen shots illustrate what is happening to me. My legends have always had individual field selection handles. In 2019 they switch to one selection handle for the whole label legend. "Use single label" is not selected.
  4. Did anyone ever get to the root of this issue? I am having the same issue. Past drawing label legends work fine until the label legend manager is opened and legend is selected. My objects are all in the screen plane. I have not migrated a workspace.


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