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  1. Hi @AlHanson, Thank you for your help. This works great! I've still al lot to learn with marionette ;-) Best regards, Peter
  2. Hi, I tried to insert a symbol in a marionette script. It inserts at z=0 But when I try to move the symbol along the z axis strange things happen. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? If you disconnect the move node the pillow's are at the correct position but on z=0 See attachment for details. bed v4 v2021.vwx
  3. Hi Marissa, Thanks for your reply. Nice suggestion to use a symbol. Creates lots of possibilities 🙂 I tried to use this, but the symbol inserts at z=0 I added a move node to get it on top of the bed. I have to try some more for placing it at the correct position. An other thing is when I tried to put a 2D component in the symbol it did not work anymore. What I really want to do is to make a second pillow appear when the bed is wider then a certain size. Tried to start with that, but dit nog work yet. bed v2.vwx
  4. Hi, I try to script a bed in marionette. Looks ok, but I can't get to move a pillow I named to the correct position I want. Any suggestions? See attached file. The pillow is an extrusion at 0,0 in the marionette script. bed.vwx
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