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  1. mmmh, I'm sorry but I do not understand the reference topic.... (I am not good enough to pick up the info and create the script --> got bug error (and I do not really now what I'm doing/looking at,...)) If someone could build me something that would extract under a click the X and Y position (of a selected point, a click to a point,...) and insert it into an "infobulle (french release of vw).... this would save my 5 next days :-)... Perhaps this screenshot would help to understand in an easy way.... thanks a lot in advance if you think this would be possible, if someone got a spare time for this... I thanks him/her in advance...
  2. Great, thanks for your reply... But I'm so new in python as well... I posted a question in this topic : It can probably be scripted with python,...... probably a basic script, but I have no idea how to start (define,.... command should be something like getVar....something X/Y)... I'm willing to learn...
  3. Everything is in the title,.... I am new in vectorworks (and in scripting). I have to get de X and Y value from several made 2DPoint (the little cross) and write them into a text box..... as I have hundred to complete, doing repetitive click info object (get copy X / paste X then returning into the info object and get the Y position and paste) takes me days... What would be great is to by simple clicking the 2Dpoint this info would be written into a text box (or like in cote i.e.,... or any other solution would be great :-) thanks in advance for any help / advice... (picture example)
  4. Thanks for your reply ; EDIT : correct my release is not included with Marionette.. However I can find in .../.../plug-ins/Marionette/marionette.py The python script is present, the next step for me is "how to use it", any idea if available ? ---I need to learn basic script, I'll check around the web if I can find something good (python perhaps ?) Thanks
  5. Hello, I just jumped in vectorworks and would like scripting. I found marionette would be a good tool for beginners. The problem ; I can't find "Marionette" from my palette (not present in any palette, but seems to be part of the integrated plugins of VW) ? Where / how can I activate / install Marionette ? My release is VW 2017 SP5 on MAC (BUILD 402127) Thanks !


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