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  1. EDIT: Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in this position. This position has been filled.





    Enchant Christmas is hiring a full-time, remote Vectorworks draftsperson. 

    We are seeking an inspiring teammate who will be responsible for building event site maps, elevations, production, and build drawings for all Enchant events.

    This position will integrate all internal department requirements into a comprehensive blueprint set for each event site. This person will provide creative ideation on production activations, crowd movement and guest flow, village, food & beverage, and our light maze as it relates to the specific venues and overall event.  

    This role will collaborate with other Enchant Vectorworks contributors from various departments and develop referenced files, project sharing, and resource libraries to build a complete package for each Enchant venue.


    Previous large-scale event experience & drawing required

    Portfolio or examples of similar large event design work required. 

    Some travel required prior to, and during run of show.


    For the full job posting and to apply please check out:


    The job posting is listed as Vancouver, BC or St. Petersburg, Fl, but can be anywhere in Canada / US. 


    For more about Enchant:





    Greg Senko

    Producer - Enchant

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  2. I've been looking forward to this feature for a few years. It's taken me a while to figure out why this wasn't showing up for me after upgrading to sp3. The menu items aren't appearing in the workspace editor, and when I switched to a default workspace - the File>Export menu says: "ExportDatasmith not in Plug-ins folder."


    Its worth noting if this export command isn't showing up, that tucked away in the help file it says:

    For Mac, this command is available only on OS 10.14.6 and later.


    I'm nervous to do an OS update in the midst of other projects, but hoping that it will get this working so going to take a leap...

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