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  1. Hi All Our office is considering getting a Xerox wideformat plotter, the 8825DS. A local shop has one for a very good price and we would like to be sure it is something we can use. I am working with the shop right now on getting a test plot. We use Mac 9.2.2 with VW 9.5.3 and Microspot raster to plot. Has anyone used an 8825 with this setup? Or with Mac OS X? We can upgrade the OS, no problem but upgrading the VW, OS, and Plot software may be too much considering the plotter is so expensive already. Any and all help/advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Vik.
  2. Hi All, Font corruption seems somewhat likely. I have trouble printing to one laser printer, but only if there are any special styles added to fonts. Plain text works fine. I am now looking at font management utilities to help work out the OS X glitches. Maybe the OS X fonts were different and that caused a problem. Since we had this issue, we cant upgrade all the office machines to OS X yet. If I can get consistent good results with my machine I can get the office to upgrade. We just didnt have the time earlier to resolve issues within OS X and it was quicker to go back to OS 9. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the responses so far. I did use GimpPrint but the version out about 6 months ago. I havent tried with a more current version. The trouble I had was with VW crashing and corrupting the files after 10-12 plots. Somewhere on this BB I read a post back then that this behaviour was known to happen and to restart VW after 10 plots to keep from crashing. Since I cant find any info now, I thought I would check with others. It seems that a combination of upgraded OS and VW would prevent problems. On a side note, has anyone switched back to OS9 after using OS X and seen any problems with the VW file? Thanks a lot, Vik.
  4. Hi All I recently upgraded to OS 10.2.8 and continued to use VW 9.5.2 and an HP 430(with GIMP print). For some reason after plotting some pages, the app would crash. I searched a while back and found a post that stated that it was a "known issue" on trying to get multiple pages plotted. I just tried to search for something here now and could not find anything regarding this problem. I finally decided to go back to OS 9.2.2 and a Microspot plotter driver. Does anyone know if this is/could be a Vectorworks problem that is fixed in 11.5? or is it OS specific and is fixed in 10.4? I am just trying to confirm that OS x is safe to go to now. VW 9.5 still meets our needs and so does the HP 430. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Hi All I work at a small office that is considering an Oce Printer/plotter and I would like to see if anyone here has used one. We use macs with OS 9.2 and a print server that runs our current HP plotter with OS 9.0. We might update to OS X or VW 11 in the future but dont see a need for it yet. Based on Oce's website we should be able to plot with a PC print server or a Postscript driver. If any of you have any information or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot in advance, Vik.
  6. Hi File names are about 10 characters long. Does this make a difference? It was fine before I changed to 9.5.3. I did ask Microspot and they claim it is a Vectorworks problem. Since I use OS 9.2.2 is VW 9.5.3. not necessary? Thanks, Vik.
  7. Hi All We use VW 9.5.3 on a B&W G3 with OS 9.2.2. with a print server Mac(OS 8.6) and dont know why the file names stop showing up on the server. The plot files appear on the server from the main machine just fine. Before 9.5.3 the option to include file names in the print window worked great. That option still appears but is of no use now. This is helpful when there are 2 people plotting multiple pages and we need to delete plots from the list based on sheet name or drawing file name. Is there a fix to this or should we just go back to using 9.5.2? The plots show up on the server with just the main computer user name and a number. File names simply vanish. Ideas? TIA. Vik.
  8. Hi All I downloaded the 9.5.3 update for Mac 9.1 today and it doesnt seem to work. I have 9.5.2 working fine and the updater says it has updated everything and that I should rename the application but the "About Vectorworks" shows 9.5.2 and the update process seems too short to really work. Is this update really that small? Does it register as a change on the info window? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Vik.
  9. Hi All I am using VW 9.0.1 on a Mac G3 with os 9.1. When exporting a drawing to JPEG format, I lose some of the image lines. I am doing a basic 2d line drawing for use in a brochure and seems like the JPEG export is not centered like the drawing is in VW. I have tried increasing the size of the exported image but this does not change anything. The only thing that works is to guess where the image shoudl be and moving it in VW then exporting. Any ideas on what to do to not have this extra step? I have updated QT to 6.0 and this problem is still there. I ahvent tried other image formats though. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. TIA. Vik.
  10. Hi I have Carbon Lib version 1.6 on my machine. Now I am switching between 9.0.1 and 9.5.0 to do printing on seperate printers. What do I have to change on here to be able to do all my printing from one application like I had with 9.0?
  11. Hi Thanks for the earlier reply. I downloaded 9.5 and it works great for the laser printer but does not work at all for the DesignJet/Microspot plotting. Somehow the files are either corrupted or print solid black pages. With 9.0.1 i was able to see the file name on my print server. With 9.5(no changes in page setup) only my computer name shows up with some ref: number. Does 9.5 have an update that fixes this? I even re-installed Microspot to see if that might work and it does not. I dont want to have to switch between applications to do different kinds of plotting/printing. Thanks for your help. Vik.
  12. Hi All I am using a Mac G3 with VW Architect 9.0.1. This version is from an upgrade CD I got in the mail. With the original 9.0, printing to a Lexmark laser printer using Laserwriter8 is great. I verified this on an old machine I have lying around. 9.0 prints, 9.0.1 does not. Upgrading to 9.0.1 somehow caused problems with the exact page setup settings. I see the ethernet print server light blink and the printer data light blink but nothing prints out. Is there a special setting that I have to change on 9.0.1 to make this work? What is the real benefit of using 9.0.1 comapred to 9.0? I might have to change back to 9.0 as the ability to print 8 1/2x 11 tests on a laser printer is too great to ignore. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA. Vik.
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