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  1. Could the object info display both say sq m and sq ft at same time as I am often asked for both and would save having to change units each time.
  2. They are exactly the same. Sorry don't have access to PC at moment!
  3. 1 Plans before toggle .pdf 2 Plans active view.pdf 3 Plans after toggle.pdf
  4. I have made the changes and restarted and still no improvement. I have experienced the same issue on a new pc (spec based on VW requirements)
  5. Hi Attached computer details MacBook_Pro.spx
  6. Hi I am working on v18 and have an issue with viewports. When I refresh the viewports rogue shapes appear and the only way I have found to clear them is to toggle through viewports in 'active only' and they disappear. I have created a pdf before I toggle through and the shapes show but don't after. Also much of the drawing is not there until I zoom in! It might be a screen v layer issue? Any ideas?
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