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  1. Hello Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me solve this issue. I work on with VWX 2020 on MAC. I tried to export a dwg/dxf and got this error: ODA Platform Error. Does anyone know what this is and how to solve it? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!!
  2. Hello Stephan, Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I have been using VWX on a Mac for years for public projects and only recently I have started taking on residential work. As you know the VWX's cabinet library is not adequate for laying out and modeling a residential kitchen. So I have requested a demo of interior xs. I have downloaded it and installed it under Applications. So how do I access it when I am working on a floor plan? I have never installed extensions so hence my difficulty. I would appreciate any help you may give me. Thank you for your time!
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