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  1. richardavatar

    dragging and dropping in 3D

    thanks - I tried this and it didn't seem very workable as several other alignments/snapping were occuring and it wasn't obvious when you are moving on the axes. I was hoping that there might be something like what Sketchup does - you select the object then hit a key (up, left or right) and it's direction of travel is locked to the corresponding axes?
  2. richardavatar

    dragging and dropping in 3D

    Is it possible (can't see anything in help files) to lock the axis you are moving something in when dragging and dropping an object in 3D space. The vertical (blue) axis would be most useful to lock, so you know you have only dragged it up or down
  3. richardavatar

    rendering shadows on plant objects

    I have experienced an issue rendering with Renderworks in Landmark and wondered if anyone has worked through/ around this? The problem is that when using Renderworks plants do not have shadows cast across them, when to a certain extent they do in open GL. This is an issue as the scene then does not look very realistic. I understand that the reason for this is: In OpenGL, the only parts of the Renderworks texture that is "active" is the color shader, which, in this case, is an image of a plant, and the transparency map, which knocks out the background of what is actually a rectangular image. Therefore, the shadows cast across the image, because there is nothing to stop them. However, when you use a Renderworks mode, the Renderworks software does all the work. In the case of plants, the texture also has a Reflectivity shader which makes it "glow" and emit light. The reason it does this is because the plants are actually two crossed planes of geometry. Renderworks calculates shadows much more accurately and without this glow, there would be a shadow cast where the two planes cross. If you dislike it, you could edit each plant's texture, edit the Reflectivity channel, and either reduce or remove the glow, but beware the shadow across the join on the crossed planes. The problem with this is that it would be too time consuming to edit individual plant records and each scene may need different settings.
  4. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    for anyone else who looks at this - I discovered that the problem was that the Spacemouse had to be in 'Target Camera Mode' for navigation to work properly. pressing button 1 on the Spacemouse enterprise cycles between modes
  5. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    hi unfortunately those settings don't seem to work for me. Not having roll is confusing as you really need all axes to navigate easily. I've noticed that in 3D mode the model seems to tilt around a point some way from the model itself which makes it even harder to control. Is there a setting that will change this?
  6. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    thanks for people's input on this... So, I have managed to get to the point that the model doesn't fly off the screen uncontrallably, but I have no where near the level of control that I have with Sketchup and I don't think I could stand to work like this. As soon as I go into 3D mode the way that the 2D blue settings worked has changed (speed sensitivity) I have no idea why roll has to be disabled as this is a key control Perhaps this is all because VW wasn't really designed as a 3D software originally
  7. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    Hi thanks for taking the time to answer this post. Yes I have downloaded SP3 and use the latest driver So far I have only been able to get 2D top view to work, using these mappings attached. I just need the right mappings for the green axes that do not conflict with these. Why do you prefer roll switched off? I use all of the axes in Sketchup and it all works really well. I wouldn't want to disable any of the axes in VW. I havent' spent much time with VW due to not being able to get the Spacemouse working and being able to do most things in Sketchup. I think you are the first person to say you need to activate the flyover tool for it to work. I was just selecting a perspective view. What happens if you then need to select another tool? Do you use a particular perspective view to navigate successfully? I will try what you suggested activating the flyover tool if I can get the axes mappings for the green axes that will work with those that I know work on the blue axes can't help feeling this is all alot more complicated than it needs to be. I have actually been in touch with 3D Connexion who say there is a problem with Vectorworks, but that doesnt explain why some people seem to have got the Spacemouse to work I just tried it with my blue mappings and your green with the fly over tool active - this didn't work!
  8. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    Hi I am using Mac OS X 10.12.6 with Vectorworks 2018 SP2 As I mentioned above the only mappings that I can get to work reliably are in 2D I can't get spin, tilt and roll to work in a way that I can control things
  9. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    HI Andy It is not about the speed - it is getting a set of mappings that actually moves in the direction I expect it to. This is all so much easier with Sketchup - I am seriously considering giving up with Vectoworks entirely
  10. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    I have tried perspective, but it is still all over the place unfortunately
  11. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    thanks, but I still can't get it to be controllable I'm afraid, The only mode I can get to work predictably is top view / 2D which kind of defeats the object of having a 3D mouse. I have tried lots of different settings, but no joy
  12. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    I am finding that a real barrier to me getting started with Vectorworks is that my 3D Connexion Spacemouse, that works really well with Sketchup, just doesn't seem to work well enough with VW. There are some long and complicated threads in the past but I can't get to the bottom of whether the Spacemouse really works with Vectorworks. If it does I could really use some help setting it up as it doesn't straightforward. thanks


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