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  1. thanks for the script @twk I was wondering if anyone could help me with a script that draws an object (say a rectangle and text next to it with the name of the class) of each class within a document. Many thanks
  2. okay thanks, will look into it. In the meantime if anyone can explain this 'plot configuration file 'mystery it would be really interested! For now will stay content with viewport class overrides and my eyedropper!
  3. No it's seems to be something different, we use viewport class overrides to set up all our sheets and I showed her that and she was adamant it was a file you reference in and it automatically maps all your classes to specific lines weights/colours (providing you are drawing with the correct classes) dependant on the scale of viewport ? It sounds very auto cad but she is sure it was vectorworks!?! Maybe it is an outdated method, I've been using VW since 2012 and have never heard/seen anything like a plot configuration file? What do you mean by standard naming and where would I find that worksheet, is it something I can generate through Tools > create report? I know there is a plug-in to generate a complete class list too. We follow the BS CAD/BIM naming convention across all our projects but not sure what you mean by Standard Naming?
  4. Any news on this? A colleague who has just joined our office mentioned something similar and Im intrigued. Wondering if it is specific to vectorworks design series? Thanks, S
  5. Thanks Jim! I am on Mac and that's exactly what I was looking for. I was in Application Support rather that Applications and all the default folders were empty so was scratching my head. I assume it's still best to leave my custom sta. files in: .../Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018/Libraries/Defaults/Templates ?
  6. Hi, Im new to the Vectorworks forum and I have a question about the vector works standard libraries. I am doing an overhaul of our vectorworks library and workflow. I would like to remove the standard template and classes list that pop up when you start a new document / add new classes through the organisation palette. I have favourites for office specific classes and templates but it would be great to only see them in the list rather than all the VW standard ones? Does anyone have a fix for this? Many thanks, Sophie
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