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  1. When we export to dwg all our hatches seem to have very thick lineweights. For example our concrete walls have a pen weight of 0.4mm with a stone hatch. If I view the hatch in 'Edit Hatch' it has a lineweight of 0.03mm. But when I view the DWG through Autocad 2004 it all seems wrong. Using the 'Show/Hide Lineweight' button in Autocad you can see that the object and the hatch are of equal thickness (0.4mm). We export to DWG 2000, and do NOT map lineweights to colours. Can anyone please help. VW 9.5.3 G4 OS 10.2.6
  2. When we convert our drawings to dwg our concrete hatch (Concrete A) changes colour from black to blue or red depending on the file. The colour of the rectangle itself stays black, but the hatch fill is changing colour. Conveting To Dwg 2002 Not mapping lineweights to colour VW 9.5.3 Mac OS 10.2.6 Any Ideas?
  3. ga

    VW10 and OS10.2.6

    We are thinking of upgrading to VW10 and since we have been having huge problems plotting to our HPdesignjet 800PS can anyone tell me if they are aware of any problems using VW10 and OS10.2.6? Are Hp updating their drivers to solve this preset thing which gives the 'can't open psstream' error message? Any help or advice much appreciated, we need to get some stability here. ga
  4. I posted a question yesterday asking if importing saved sheets was possible but got no replies. It would save us a lot of time if it were possible.
  5. Is it possible to import a saved sheet through resources. We have multiple drawings that need the same "saved sheets" and doing them individually will take forever. Also, any alterations to the saved sheet means updating all other files manually. If it's not possible through resources, does anyone know of a workaround? Any tips much appreciated.
  6. ga

    printing error

    Katie Can you e-mail me the utility to clean the printing presets you mentioned? I sent you a mail yesterday to allow you to reply to me. its gavinwheatley@lycos.co.uk thanks ga
  7. ga

    printing error

    i dont think so. can you e-mail a mac 0sx version of the utility? thanks
  8. ga

    printing error

    can anyone tell me what the outcome of this problem was? we still have this problem, i thought we had eradicated it and everything was ok, but slowly it is getting back into the system on some files but not others, so i have to save as.. a clean file and copy and paste the problem file into it and then it will print. this is obviously not good so any solutions people may have found would be welcome ga
  9. what is the latest on this error? "cant open PSStream for stdoutERROR:pictwpstops-got an error closing PSStream=-50" I thought i had gotten rid of it by deleting the old presets for printing, but it is creeping back in to some files, preventing them from being printed. It doesnt seem to follow any pattern, some files which are quite small have the error but others which are a lot bigger will print without problem. are there any recent developments in treating this problem. thanks ga
  10. ga

    blank plotting

    i have posted this problem before but so far no joy. we are really quite perplexed here. The problem is that when we try to plot files at a low % (in the page setup box) we get nothing but blanks. i have tried and tested but there does not seem to be ahrd and fast rule. for example, one file, which is 8.9MB in size will plot at 16% but not at 15%???? At 16% it looks fine with all lines present and correct but at 15% there is simply nothing there. This % is not the rule everywhere. on another file, which is 6.9MB it will not plot at anything lower than 26% This is driving us mad We are on VW9.5.3 and OS10.2.6, our machines are G4 with 512MB memory. Any help at all would be appreciated ga
  11. ga

    layer links

    Thanks for the tips. The reason I ask is because I'm having trouble converting a drawing set up using layer links to a dwg. The links convert to dwg as blocks, which is ok, but they dont have the hatch fills of the vectorworks original. Is this normal?
  12. can anyone tell me how i can take a layer link and change it to being an independent element, like a group for example? i want to cut the relationship between the layer link and the workgroup reference. thanks ga
  13. our building is very large, but surely VW is capable of dealing with large projects as well as small. yes, we have checked the grey box and it is centred on our drawing. we change the % in the page setup box sometimes to actually get a print at all we must change the layer scale of our drawing which then messes up all our hatches etc. the problem even occurs with some more complex files at higher % This is a fundamental problem which does not seem to have been addressed in VW10, as i have checked through a colleague. We have tried the pdf thing but it does not acheive anything like the sort of line quality and precision we require Any more suggestions. ga
  14. on mac os10.2.6 VW 9.5.3 i am changing the percentage scaling in the page setup box. i didnt think there was another place to set it in. the type of printer is not the problem i dont think as it happens on both our epson colour laser and on our Hp Designjet 800PS. Even when i do a preview in acrobat it is blank. Why does this happen? We cant go around changing the layer scale of our files every time we want to print them because this leads to chaos. ga
  15. we work on our general arrangement drawings with a layer scale of 1:50. This allows us to print our drawings at 100% with no problems. If we want to print out a quick reference copy of the drawing at 1:500 for example, it would require us to change the setting to 10%. When we do this we get a blank print. After trial and error we have established that the print will disappear with settings below 20-25%, but its not a hard and fast rule. What is the problem? Can anyone help? ga
  16. Why can i not snap to any point within any of my symbols. It makes them completely unusable. Is there a toggle button anywhere that allows you to set symbol snapping attributes or something like that? this is really annoying, everything about symbols in VW seems to be inherently complicated and bug-filled. ga
  17. katie it is VW 9.5.3 and its quicktime viewer 6.2 i e-mailed a file to the tech support address, did you get it? gavin
  18. can anyone tell me if the problem about lines disappearing at high magnification has been solved in VW 10. at the moment we work on OS 10.2.6 and VW 9.5.3 and if we zoom in past 1000% everything disappears. We use layer scale 1:100 and we dont use a large amount of detail at this scale but everything still disappears. is it a problem of symbols or what? our files are usually around 8 or 9MB in size. thanks
  19. Can anyone help me? Recently i have started to get the following error message when i try to send to our plotter. My computer is the only one which gets this message and it onyl affects certain files. Can?t open PSStream for stdoutERROR:pictwpstops ? got an error closing PSStream = -50 It just means that the file will not plot and i have to use another terminal to plot it. plotter is hp designjet 800ps and we are on vw 9.5.3 and os10.2.4 It only happens in VW and i cannot figure it out ga
  20. can anyone tell me the best way to export a 3d perspective view drawing as a 2d drawing to allow me to embed it into a 2d drawing? is there an equivalent tool to the 'export hidden line as 2d' that is available in Microstation? thanks
  21. we always get that message in our office whenever we try to open a file that is already open on somebody elses machine on the network. it also occurs if you are trying to access a file that someone is resourcing out of. hope that helps. the only solution is to get that person to close the file...
  22. our layer scales are 1:100 the zoom is at 1000% we are working on window section details which require high degree of detail.
  23. our layer scales are 1:100 the zoom is at 1000% we are working on window section details which require high degree of detail.
  24. why do lines disappear when i zoom close to my drawings? it is a major problem for editing details. we are on VW9.5.3 on OS 10.2.4 with plenty of RAM. It happens indiscriminately on all large files. The only way around i have found is by putting things in symbols but obviously this isnt suitable all the time... any help? ga
  25. Thanks everyone, that did the trick. My only concern is that using this method I now have two instances of the floorplan in the cross section- the reference and the linked layer from the reference. This seems unnecessarily heavy when you consider that there are 10 floors in the building. This may have implications for file size and speed.......... Thanks Again.. Ga


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