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  1. Greetings, I'm just starting to develop some customized wall types and would like to start using tags for calling out wall types, window types, etc. Do i have to change the wall type name to W1, W2, W3, etc. to have the data tag identify the wall or window type? It's a great feature that i'd like to adopt quickly.
  2. Thank you, Boh. It took a few attempts in the design layer, but I wrote down the procedure which seems to work, by creating a vport in the design layer. thanks again.
  3. I've been setting up common files for use on new projects and I've been able to select an outside source, then show visibility to referenced layers or viewports in some cases, but I'm having problems referencing one remote file viewport......The default is always the current drawing and I'm unable to Select Source as a menu selection. Is there something that you're aware that I'm doing wrong? thanks, Glenn D
  4. Alan, thank you so much, that was the case. The building model was at 1/8" scale while the site plan was at 1"=20ft. Last question: is there a way of inserting a reference to a specific origin point or distance from a point on the site plan? that seems to be an issue that I couldn't find in VW.
  5. I'm developing multiple schematic design options to place on a larger existing site plan file in Vectorworks 2018. I've also created a viewport with a new design layer for the referenced Schematic Design building to be placed, for insertion in the site plan. I'm unable to view the site plan (as the two files may be quite a distance apart) so that I'm unable to view both building and site plan. Does someone have a good method for inserting referenced files in proximity to a site plan? Also, I wasn't sure if the referenced file needs to have an absolute reference to the site file, I just wasn't sure of the option and what it may entail. Thanks, Glenn
  6. When I select a polyline (on a roof layer and roof class) to create a roof object, the resulting hip roof ends up visible in a viewport, but I cannot locate it in a class or layer. it seems to float. Creating a roof edge works, but I wanted to quickly develop some roof options off of walls, polylines, etc.
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