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  1. Thanks jblock, couldn't find the right wording to find out what the feature was called
  2. What are these view boundaries in the 3D space view called? I havent' seen them before and I'm not sure how I turned them on.
  3. Thanks Kevin! I may resort to that,.
  4. Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply. The same render renders out fine on medium/low settings in about an hour. (Client Logos Redacted) The CPU Usage stays at peak, if Cinerender was crashing would that still be the case? Would VW keep funneling the same data at max capacity to a non responsive program (that doesn't show as non responsive in task manager).
  5. I'm running into a problem where renders on Very High settings will not complete, regardless of time. They get past indirect lighting, then stick at a few squares of rendered image indefinitely. The program is still fully responsive and the teapot continues to spin. I let the render run over the weekend to see if it would ever progress, but it seems to just stick there. Rendering on all Very High, 16x Indirect Lighting, on a 26.67"x15" page at 100DPI Regardless of whether or not it NEEDS to be rendered at these settings, what gives? I'd expect a max settings render to finish "eventually" on any computer. System Specs Running Windows 10 Intel Xeon(R) E-5-2696 v4 (2.2GHz x 22 Cores, OC to 2.8GHz) NVIDIA GTX 1080 128 GB Ram


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