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  1. Thank you that helped! I had hoped there was a way to still edit the line weight through >edit plant - 2D graphics so it would automatically apply to all plants. Instead I created a custom selection of each type of plant and changed line weight through the attributes palette.
  2. Hey, I have a planting plan with large groups of plants that are massed. Problem is they do not show any line weight. When I untick mass plants they have different line weights but this creates a mess of circles and makes the plan hard to read. Any ideas on how to retain line weight while still having massed plants? Thanks in advance
  3. hey, I am having the same problem when plants are massed they loose their line weight. Problem is I need my plants massed I have turned off plant - component - outline, this allows massing but I am still unable to change the line weight. Any suggestions?
  4. Ticking 'on plant list' worked its normally on by default and I had not checked Thank you!!
  5. Hey, I have created a planting plan with zones, each zone has its own class so i can create individual reports for each zone (the planting will be phased). My problem is that when creating the reports it is not counting any plants, after allot of fiddling I have managed to get the report to record the plants I have placed since but it will still not record any plants I had previously placed in my plan. When I try to copy and place plant groupings from the plan it does not record those either. Any ideas? - please keep the answers simple I am new to this program Thanks in advance
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