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  1. I have the same problem, did you ever resolve this?
  2. The document units are correct. I have found that it is possible to change the units to metres under space label settings, further settings and then units. This solves my initial problem. However now that I find that it is calculating the volume incorrectly. The area is roughly 20m and the space height is 2.5m. The volume should therefore be roughly 50m3, but Vectorworks calculates the volume as roughly 50000000000m3. I've checked my units again all metres, I've checked my scale (1:1) not sure what else could be wrong.
  3. Hello, I have a drawing where all the units in the documents settings are set to metres (including volume). However, when I create a space label the volume is in cm3? How do I change it to m3?
  4. I'm having problems with IFC export. Some of my walls are not exporting the material data. The wall layers are correctly defined using the wall tool. However, when I export this information Is missing.... but only on some of the walls. The others are all exported correctly. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help with this; Firstly, I noticed that for my building elements, Vectorworks does not take the calculated U-Value and save it as the thermal transmittance in the IFC Data. For walls I have been manually inputting the u value which is fine but tedious. Now I have a slab and when I go to the IFC Data to try to put the thermal transmittance in I am unable to put in the value. This field is blocked? Other fields are open for example acoustic rating but the thermal transmittance - why is this? How do I get Vectorworks to automatically source the values from the calculated U value? Thanks
  6. I am noticing that this seems to be to do with the object type. For example I can order one polygon relative to another but I can't order a polygon relative to text or a line object. At the moment it is such that all my polygons are on top, followed by text, followed by line objects. I've tried everything even redrawing objects but nothing works. Interestingly, although on my construction layer the objects are incorrectly ordered ie my polygon is on top of my text, in my layout layer the objects are correctly ordered ie the text is on top of my polygon. I have updated the viewport so no idea why it would be different on the layout layer compared to the construction layer.
  7. They're all on the same layer. As I said I am just working with classes..
  8. I am working with classes and I want to send one entire class with several objects on it completely to the back. However it is not working, It stays in the front even though after selecting all the objects I click on "send to back" Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue?
  9. Yes they are one continuous polygon. I need the separate areas to be one space rather than using separate spaces and summing them in worksheet. I have never had any problems using this method before and for the smaller space Vectorworks calculates the area correctly even though it is one continuous polygon. It is only the larger space that it is incorrect.
  10. Hi, I am having an issue with space labels in that, Vectorworks has calculated the area incorrectly. I have two (fairly complex in shape) spaces. One which is quite a bit bigger than the other. However Vectorworks has calculated that the larger space has a smaller area than the small space. I have checked my polygons and they are correct. The large space should have an area of 30m2 but the space label calculates it as 0.67m2. The small space correctly shows 15m2. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?
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