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  1. Whenever i try the new extrude along path I find that the orientation of resultant extrusion is rotated 90? from that of the primitive i used. e.g.: a tall rectangle extruded along a path results in a wide rectangular extrusion. The extrusion path seems to work correctly but the orientation of the object is screwy. This seems to happen regardless of the type of object [rectangle. poly, NURBS] I use and whether or not I insert a locus. I can work around it by rotating the primitives but it's a pain - particularly with assymetrical or elaborate profiles like moldings and trims. I've also found that Renderworks rendering of extrusions along paths don't properly map the texture along the path- it just treats the whole object as one big extrusion as far as mapping the texture. So I can't have my shingles to wrap around the corners of my curved roof eaves for example when i use extrude along path. That's a shame 'cause the forms look great in 3-d space w/ the NURBS and no faceting!
  2. I can't find the Date Stamp and File Name Stamp in VW architect 9. I couldn't find any reference to it in the manuals either.
  3. I have founfd the only way to make roofs of more complicated forms that can be rendered [that i would normally make w/ the roof face tool] is to use the roof tool to establish the basic parameters of the roof, assign the textures, and then UNGROUP the resulting roof object into roof faces. These roof faces can later be edited thru the primitives and the texure mappings can also be edited at any time. It's a bit of a hassle to build things this way if they have any complexity but it does work fine.
  4. I'm using Architect and VW-8.5.2 and I discovered that some of the Marvin windows I'd used recently from the Object Library that came w/ Architect are no longer editable. Instead of appearing in the info pallette as a complex window [as it originally had] w/ all the many fields to edit for size,frame, mullions, etc.it appears as a "CUSTOM OBJECT in wall" and all I can edit is the position, height, and flip - in fact none of the other fields even appear. When I try to get another of the same window from the browser it has all of the fields and is editable. What gives? The only thing I can think of is that i had originallly created the document in 8.5.1 then updated it when I received Architect [icluding replacing some earlier windows with the new Marvins] and then later opened it up and modified it in 8.5.2. I had also made some modifications to the Marvins upon use - just adding some mullions. I'd really hate to have to replace all these window objects again.
  5. Is it possible to have a wall type in the library that could have a hatch in one cavity, a solid fill in another and yet another pattern fill in a third cavity? If I assign the default hatch as the 1st cavity, the solid fill as the 2nd, and the <default> (in this case a pattern fill) as the 3rd; I can't get the pattern fill to appear un less I edit the cavities directly in the info pallette. Ideally one should be able to assign ANY hatch [i'm talking true hatches not the pattern hatches] or any fill pattern to the various cavities in the wall type library editor.
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