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  1. The viewer opens .vwx files. What other project files are you referring to?
  2. That's why I only see it when I open a really old file. Good to know.
  3. What is the use case for Cropped Perspective anyway?
  4. Same here. All this time I thought I was the only one that couldn't get it to dock.
  5. I'm getting the same behavior in '19. Did you find a solution?
  6. My guess is that this is possible in some way, however whatever time you may save will be massively canceled out figuring out how to link the databases and keeping that up to date. I think the trouble would be the date accuracy, what is available when, and keeping that current in VW.
  7. That is fantastic. I thought it was looking at the file the whole time. I wonder if title blocks and other such things point at a folder and not a file too?
  8. I finished it a bit sooner that I thought. Caveats: I extracted and simplified the geometry from the PDF manual for the lens which has front and top views but no sides. I didn't get a chance to measure a lens installed in a projector so this is a guess as to how far the thing sticks out, but I seem to say " yikes that sticks out really far" every time I use one of these things. I was going for something to give an idea for the drawing not perfect accuracy. IE client can see on a diagram that there will be a projector on the floor really close to the screen. I'm new to messing around in Records, this may not be perfect. The projector body is the DZ-870 Use. Back up your old Projector Models file!!!!!!!! Copy the attached file into your C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2017\Libraries\Defaults\Video Screen\Projector Models or equivalent on a mac. When you use the Screen tool there should be an option for Panasonic now. Set the vertical position to Specific Shift, with the distance being negative of the center of the screen to the floor. I hope to dig into how the Stands work and make one that is just a Locust at 0,0,0 then you don't have to do math on the height. I may have forgotten something so input is welcome. DL Projector_Models.vwx
  9. I'm working on making the symbol for that PJ/lens Combo now. I should have it done in a few days. DL
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