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  1. Sam and Hippocode, thank you very much for your effort, time and advice! If i find something i will post it here.
  2. Hi Sam, Pat's Script is working very good for Plugin Objects like Doors and such. But, as he said, lights do not seem to be plugin objects. I get: "Parameter Fields for PIO: none" as a result in the Worksheet. Your script produces an error on line 96. It says "Index outside array limits". I was not able to fix that yet but it might be simple. The setup for my file is very simple: it is a single custom light with an .ies file attached to the Distribution in the Obj Info Palette. I want to get the title of the attached .ies file as processable data (string or array or whatever). Since the information is displayed in the Obj Info Palette it must be somewhere, right? I attached the .vwx file and the .ies file. The .ies file is zipped because the file extension is not supported in this forum. Thank you! Max 180210_Query_OIP.vwx info1_info2.ies.zip
  3. Thank you so much Mister Stanford! Unfortunately my Object is a Light so as you said in the Thread you linked to, it is not working. Do you think there is a possibility to get via Vectorscript to Information from a light that is displayed in the Obj Info Palette?
  4. Hello, I am trying to get the Name of an IES File that is attached to a custom light source (for the purpose of an accurate light distribution)which is displayed in the Obj Info Palette. I tried it with GetRField but i cannot get it working. PROCEDURE FindOutParameter; VAR h:Handle; Parametername,Parameternam2:STRING; BEGIN h:=FSactLayer; {Handle to the Lightobject} Parametername:= GetName(h); {That Part works} Parameternam2:= GetRField(h,'Obj Info','Distribution'); {This does not work} AlrtDialog(concat('Name of light: ',Parametername,', ' ,'Name of IES file: ' ,Parameternam2)); END; RUN(FindOutParameter); Can anyone help me please?


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