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  1. @Tamsin Slatter, can you help (or let me know if not possible)?🙏
  2. I've managed to import about 20 plant records into the plant database that have ended up merging with the first 20 plants in the plant database. Basically I have culled all the Abellias! (Some of the Abellia data is visible, in the fields that had no info in the new plant records) I would like to reset/reinstall/restore my database to be the original one downloaded at install, but can't find a way of doing that. Can anyone help? VW2020
  3. P.s. I had to go through all my sheets and do the manual second step in annotation edit to correct all the north arrows.
  4. Same issue - unable to rotate north arrow in viewport annotation. Changed True North in geolocation (File - doc settings) as recommended by @Wes Gardner, then did the extra step (almost missed!) to manually try and change rotation again in OIP and it did the trick. Thanks 🙂
  5. @Pat Stanford Aaaaahh - must have pressed the shortcut key by mistake (Ctl+Shift+S apparently!). But your answer has opened up the Rendering mode options to me - will need to have a little explore when my project is over! Thanks a mill.
  6. Sooo... this just started happening: Every time I try and make a change to my model - e.g. change an object's transparency; insert a plug-in object; etc - the line style of the WHOLE model changes to ... squiggly! See attached pics - before and after inserting a Carriage bolt. Same happens when I make some other changes. The squiggles appear regardless of different classes and layers. What have I done wrong??
  7. I'm trying to use the "Existing Tree Tool" to achieve a tree foliage outline for a 2D Top/Plan. I create the tree in my design layer, input all the specs in the Object info panel, then use the 2D settings tab and select the wavy outline in 2D symbol that I want (see screengrab). And then...well, nothing happens. Have tried different permutations of class/layer/visibilities/views. No change. Think it might be a class problem, or some extra process through resource manager that I can't figure out. Can anyone help? VW 2020 Windows 10 Landmark (UK Metric) Garden Design template
  8. Hi @Tamsin Slatter !! Thanks for the info - Super useful. Hope you're well 🙂 N
  9. I learnt to use Vectorworks (Landmark) at college as part of my design course. Now that I'm upgrading to the non-student version, I would like to use the classes that I developed over the past 2 years in VW2019 (Student License). When I try to import classes through the New Class function, I get: This file is not in the format used by the application version you are running, so the file cannot be used. Anyone with any bright ideas of what I should do? Or even if I can? I don't know if I can go through developing all my specific classes again.😬
  10. I reinstalled SP2 (think something went awray when I tried the 1st time) and it seems to be OK now - MUCH faster! Thanks for your input! N
  11. I'm having the same issue - and it's driving me mental. Did you manage to resolve it by changing settings or an SP update, perhaps?
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