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  1. @zoomer you mean: "Looks like you are too far from origin,.." ? I've tried it. What seemed to solve the problem was the guidelines. When i hid the pink lines(Hilfslinie) (rays for the ones who also transfer from Autocad) then i could zoom again to every detail. thanks for your quick response btw!!
  2. ZOOM PROBLEM When I'm zooming in this is what happens. If someone could help quickly, I'd really appreciate it !! Cheers Deniz
  3. It's been a while since this has been discussed. However couple points to state could be relaxing for others. AUTOCAD to VWX You need to leave behind the way you work pretty much. As much as you will find "IMPRACTICAL" things in VWX compared to Autocad, there are also very handy quick settings and workflows in VWX which will make you love this software. So just be patient and try to tweak the way you work a bit.
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