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  1. Hi All- I've recently joined an architectural firm that has primarily been working with Vectorworks' 2D features for project documentation for the past few years- this summer and fall the leadership will be making an effort to incorporate some of Vectorworks' 3D and BIM capablities into our workflow. I have a great deal of experience working in Revit and with Rhino/grasshopper, and I have really been enjoying learning Marionette. I am planning to introduce my co-workers to some of the scripts I've been working on to automate drafting tasks and calculations soon, but I have been having issues with the class structure in our project template file whenever I run a marionette script inside one of our documents. In the firm's template, the default "NONE" class has been replaced by "0". this is the default class for all symbols and groups. When I run a script in one of our template files, the "0" class is deleted and the "None" layer is created. The symbols and groups assigned to class "0" are still visible, but cannot be selected, and the class assignment in the object info panel is blank. Since they cannot be selected they cannot be reassigned to class "None" or any other class. When I force select or attempt to edit those groups and symbols, all of the symbols in the drawing then are deleted. I suspect that the template file's renaming of the "none" class to "0" is causing a conflict of some sort, but I'm not sure if it's necessary to change the template files' class structure in order to fix the problem. Any insight on this problem?


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